Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Tonight we're in the house Matt grew up in on Signal Mountain, in Chattanooga. We lived in this town for the first five years of our marriage, and I still love it, even though that time feels like several chapters ago. I'd live in Chattanooga again in a minute. Every time we come to Signal Mountain, I make Matt drive down this one street so I can see if my dream house is for sale. It looks kind of like a big green barn. Back years ago, before we left to live in California, it was for sale. And I remember that the price was $340,000, and I thought, "Well just ask for the moon, why doncha? As though anyone could afford that!"

I don't know if it is still my dream house, but it was for a long while. Different dreams for different times.

We have no fixed plans for the next few days, except tomorrow is starting with mimosas in the kitchen, and I have to throw together that grape salad that I had at the neighborhood luncheon where I heard that my friend uses face cream made of foreskins. I am also making sweet potato-cauliflower au gratin.

Laura's been out of school all week, and her swimming is on break, so I've loved having unstructured and relaxed time with the kids. Laura's gotten into watching tennis with me, because this week is the ATP World Tour finals in London. We have various crushes and antipathies for the top players, and we giggle and moon over them. Other than that and blogging and exercising, I have not been up to much.

One year ago exactly, I brought you this post on grampoo. It is still helpful as many of us are traveling away from home.

Have a nice day tomorrow! I will be checking in, obvs.


Elizabeth said...

I don't know if we ever discussed how much time I spent on Signal Mountain when I was married to a native. Did we? Hmmmm....

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Becky. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Amy said...

I loved Chattanooga! I also loved that little apartment y'all had there. Fun memories. Happy Thanksgiving!! Miss you.

delaine said...

I remember visiting y'all pre-kids when you lived on the hilltop overlooking Nooga. That's a lovely city! Today I will be giving many thanks for all the Woomers. I love you all and hope your day is blessed.

Kelly said...

Happy Thanksgiving xoxo
PS- that table is absolutely perfect. Can't wait to see it in the house :)

AlGalMom said...

Sweet potato cauliflower gratin sounds pretty yummy--is there a recipe link?

Becky said...

Hey AlGal, I got the recipe out of Whole Living magazine. I just put the link in the post with the list of food, but here it is.

I didn't do the crispy sage leaves, I just chopped them and sprinkled them with the parmesan. Yum.