Friday, November 25, 2011

Silver Birds

Here are the birds, newly silvered and at home in Matt's mom's house. I like how they turned out. Silvery! Hank helped me paint them (in a well-ventilated area). We also painted a leaf wreath, an ugly pitcher from Michael's, and the toes of Hank's crocs. The shoes just got a light misting though.

Today was another quiet day on Signal Mountain. The weather seems lodged in some perpetual mid-October of sun and mildness. Matt and I played a set of tennis back behind the country club. The kids helped decorate Betty's Christmas tree. We were remarking that people seem to gravitate toward the same shape of Christmas tree every year. Don't you think? Betty likes the round fat variety and I like the tall conical ones.

Matt and I were all set for a night out on the town, then we got in the car and remembered that we don't need to spend money on a night on the town at this moment. Adulthood is dumb, gah. So we got out of the car and came back inside. The kids were glad to see us back so soon. Then I put on corduroys, watched The Devil Wears Prada, drank bottles of fizzy water, and threw my empties in the corner.

Not the bottle-throwing part.

This has become one of those blogs where I tell you what I did every day.

We did not shop. Did you? I was thinking about the time my dad accidentally went shopping on Black Friday.

We'll be back home in the ATL tomorrow evening. Signing off, stay sweet!


Aimee said...

Nope, no shopping. I had to laugh at the doctor when she diagnosed my sinus infection, gave me a stern look, and said, "No shopping today!" Ha, as if! I avoid Black Friday like the plague.

Adulthood does suck sometimes. Humbug.

Amy said...

You seriously got out of the car and came right back in? Hilarious!! You coulda run and grabbed a milkshake or somethin'! But The Devil Wears Prada is pretty dang good.

Sounds like a pretty ideal weekend to me!! Wish we were there too.

AlGalMom said...

I went grocery shopping yesterday, but nothing else. It seems to me that Black Friday is basically "cheap TV" day, and we already have a TV.

The pigeons look great. At our church Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, someone had made centerpieces of silver & gold spray painted pinecones and (I think) magnolia leaves. They were pretty, and I thought "Hey! Silver spray paint! Becky's pigeons!"

delaine said...

Our Friday was totally a shopping free zone. We took Dave, Katie, and Master Gabriel to the Oar House for a leisurely lunch of fried pickles, seafood, and swooping pelicans. It was a lovely day to sit by the water. "October's bright blue weather" has indeed flowed into November. Then the rest of the afternoon and into the night we entertained family that came to see the baby. They were all suitably impressed. Yesterday was so relaxing and was a time of being thankful to me. You would have loved sitting around and talking with the folks that came to meet Gabe. I'm glad y'all had a wonderful. Day too. And the birds look beautiful!

Tooje said...

We must have been watching Prada at the same time. Except I didn't make it very far...decided to go lounge in the back and fell asleep. Dates like yours happen a LOT around here. Well, not a lot. We don't go out on dates very often, but when we do, it inevitably ends up with us doing nothing, chatting in a parking lot of the place we WERE going to go, and then back home after getting a soda or coffee. :) Ah, adulthood.

I'm blog hopping and found you from a comment you left somewhere along the way. Happy weekend, and it appears "safe travels" are in order!

Elizabeth said...

I am loving coming here every day and listening to you tell stories of your day -- I wish NaBloPoMo (is that what it's called?) would continue through the rest of the year.

Becky said...

Elizabeth, thank you for your continued support! It is good to know that I'm not boring absolutely everyone!

Tooje, thanks for stopping by! I have seen that movie several times, but there are just parts I could always watch again, like the part where she gets the Harry Potter manuscript. And of course the clothes.

Ma, your day with Gabriel sounds heavenly. Miss that baby!

Common Household Mom said...

Shopping? no way. My brother and I took the kids ice skating downtown. It was lovely.