Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bed Geometry

Happy Thanksgiving to you Americans! The rest of you, why are you so ungrateful?

I kid. I hope you had a nice day wherever you are.

That picture up there, which I know you're thinking was surely done by a professional graphic designer, was actually created by me to illustrate for you the sleeping situation here in Matt's childhood home. He just isn't compatible with a foot board. It's a good thing that I am comfortable sleeping with my knees bent all night long, though sometimes I do stretch my legs out and entangle them with his feet, or nudge him to turn over and bend his knees. And yet, no worries, we make it work. See, our stick figures are smiling.

We slept in and Matt's mom got up with the kids. I knew they were watching the Macy's parade on TV when I heard Hank yell, "WHOA, THAT IS SNOOPY!" I don't know if he'd ever seen it before.

Then I got out of bed to drink a cup of coffee and peel and slice sweet potatoes. While doing that I snacked on homemade pimento cheese spread. Matt's brother came in with these little bruschettas topped with fig preserves, pear slices, bacon, and muenster cheese. Dear sweet Moses. Then before long, it was mimosa time while the meal came together.

We had:

green beans
spicy creamed spinach
sweet potato-cauliflower au gratin
mashed potatoes
dressing, with oysters and without
giblet gravy
grape salad
a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie

It was all delicious and I ate some of everything. Then we lounged around the living room and visited with Matt's aunt and uncle, who had brought the kids early Christmas presents. Laura opened and then read the entire new Wimpy Kid book in the blink of an eye. Hank put together a Lego alien space craft. I sat in a wing chair and murmured and sipped coffee. I may have unbuttoned my jeans, discreetly.

Then we played Ticket to Ride, then we watched some of Elf, then the kids went to bed. Then I blogged. Tomorrow we will surely be more active, but it was a truly lovely and classically Thanksgiving-y day. 

Wishing you a cozy night with your sweetie.


Aimee said...

It sounds lovely. Except for the geometrical bedtime hiccup.

Happy Turkey Day!

Elizabeth said...

Sweet post -- and I loved the detail about opening your jeans discreetly. It was very David Sedarisy.

Amy said...

That pretty much sounds like an ideal day! Mimosas, too? What could be better??

I loved that your little stick figures still had smiley faces. I don't think mine would. I guess you were just meant to have a tall husband. It's that simple.

Casey said...

Can I just say that although I've fallen off the bloggy planet, I am quietly reading your daily posts in my reader and enjoying them?

May you regain your leg space and the ability to stretch. I have a friend who is missing both legs from the knee down (sad story involving him as a kid, a dog and a train) but he lets his dogs sleep in bed with him since there's all that extra room.

AlGalMom said...

We love Ticket To Ride! Have you played Carcassonne? Or Survive? That is our family's game trifecta.

Becky said...

Hey Casey! It is always a delight to see you in here. We are heading home just in time for my hamstrings to lengthen again.

AlGal, we love Carcassone and all those kinds of games. I don't know Survive though. We still play Settlers and we like Dominion a whole bunch too.

Star said...

Sweet post,thanks. I'm with Matt on the footboard issue. Looking at them, I thought, "Oh, I want a sled bed, they're so gorgeous!" Then I slept in one. Agony not to be able to stretch out, which requires me to hang my feet off the bottom of the bed, and I'm tall, but not a giant! The cushions take up more space than mattress designers think!