Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Pie Day

Nobody wants to hear from me at length on a Friday night, so I'll give you the digest form:

  • I have a pumpkin pie in the oven. 

  • As of 9:00, the kids are wide awake, out of bed, and throwing a Nerf football in the house. 

  • Matt went to the grocery store and then went back downstairs to work with one of his guys. This is one of those periods where we have only brief, catch-up conversations a couple of times a day. 

  • Today I worked out with Pretty Neighbor. We're on level 4 of Jillian Michaels's Ripped in 30 dvd and we're getting stronger. There is no level 5, so if we're not "ripped" soon, I'm going to contact the Better Business Bureau.

  • I have been watching the Basel ATP tennis championship whenever I've had a moment home today. I'm getting ready to tuck into Roddick v. Federer, as soon as the kids are in bed. We have ESPN streaming on our xbox, and for a non-grand slam event like this, they show every match. I've thrown a big fleecy blanket over the couch and I'm about to make some matcha tea. It's my special mama time. I just made a general announcement: "I'm about to watch tennis; please all of you see to your own affairs." 

  • Hank started karate today. OMG. Hank in a dojo might be like when Bob Dylan found the music of Woody Guthrie. It gives him an entire new discourse, a tradition, and a mode of becoming more essentially himself. Just one moment from the experience: we were meeting the director yesterday, and having a little one-on-one lesson and orientation. He asked, "Hank, are you a righty or a lefty?" Hank thought a moment and then held up his right hand. "Well, this is my punchin' hand," he said.

  • My mail lady Margaret, the only other ardent liberal outside of my household that I can count on seeing everyday, pulled her jeep up into my driveway to tell me, "Herman Cain needs to go home and sit himself down and stop talking!" Word to that.  

  • Weather continues to be gorgeous. It's that shorts-and-a-jacket time of year. Love that look, especially on preschoolers with nobby knees.

  • Please have a nice evening and I will return in more narrative form tomorrow.


    Amy said...

    Oh man, y'all are getting so ripped!! Good onya.

    This IS becoming one of those tennis blogs, isn't it? I suspected as much.

    I love that Hank is doing karate!! I am anticipating some great posts from that. Nate will be so excited--he is begging me to sign him up for taekwando.

    Enjoy Roddick v. Federer! Not a bad way to spend an evening. :)

    Common Household Mom said...

    It could be the tennis-karate-pumpkin pie blog. Personally I'm always in favor of more pumpkin pie.

    Elizabeth said...

    I love the Hank karate paragraph and can't wait to hear more. My son Oliver had a similar experience several years ago when he was Hank's age, but he lasted about a week before we gave it up. I think, though, that I gave it up (so much commitment!) and I sort of regret it now.

    M said...

    Heads up: Keep Hank enrolled even if he begs to quit so he doesn't complain 15 years later about how he really wished you had kept him in it because he would be so much further than he is now that he started up again.

    Yes, this is how moms can be implicated in the atrophy of their progeny's hobbies despite the fact that level of interest and ability to self-transport are markedly higher at age 20 than at age 5. ;)

    Nina said...

    His punchin' hand - ha! Yes, keep him at it. My boyfriend's mum let him quit anything the moment there was a slight wobble, so he's not a pro footballer/cricketer/tennis player. (When he was old enough to organise himself he took up the bass and is still at it now...)

    etheljr said...

    An ardent liberal . I need you here with me in Iowa. I am alone. I can't run these nutjobs out of here by myself.

    delaine said...

    I get such a kick out of how you're so into tennis now! It's great ! And Hank at karate. That is priceless too. But the thing that really tickles me is your mail lady talking politics with you. Especially with her read on Cain. He's such a blip on the screen . Really. BTW, Ethel, I feel the same way about northwest Florida. We are freaking surrounded by republicans, uber-conservatives, and nut cases. What a lib to do?!

    Anonymous said...

    I thought this was going to be a graph when I saw it in the feed. You!