Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Newest Oldest Thing

granny's table
My great grandmother's table.
My dad and my Uncle John have taken to making furniture in my uncle's backyard workshop. Or I think they are mostly chatting and drinking beer back there, and sometimes, incidentally, a piece of furniture is produced. They call their venture Mo Goodnuff, Inc, and have gone to great lengths to create promotional materials and an intricate and colorful biography for their founder and guiding figure, that tower of adequacy, Mo Goodnuff.

If you think those two have too much time on their hands, shhh! They give me things!

So the other day I mentioned that I wanted a work table for my office, and Dad pulled his granny's old table out of the garage. It had been gathering dust out there my entire life. The last time I remember seeing it actually being used in our house, I was three or four years old.

granny's table before
It was in rough shape. The top is over a hundred years old, but the legs, Dad said, are only fifty years old or so. We agreed they should be painted. I love that it isn't a "farmhouse style" table, it is a farmhouse table. His people were farmers and this was their table.

Dad asked what color I thought for the legs and apron, and I said, "Get mom to pick out an antique gray." Some days went by. Then I got a text message with that top picture attached. "I ignored your color preference," it said. "If you don't like it, we'll keep it."

Isn't that service with a smile? He should really be a high-priced design consultant.

But I love the blue! Mom picked two colors from the Eddie Bauer paint line, Ballard Blue and Antique Blue.

granny's table

Authentically distressed.

I think they just cleaned and polyurethaned the table top, and it came back to life. The planks are cupped, but as Dad said, none of us will look perfect at 110.

I'm thrilled to have it. I just hope Mo Goodnuff delivers for free. From Florida.

Y'all cookin' today?


Elizabeth said...

That is indeed a lovely table. I have an old table kind of like that I use for my home office desk and while it's not a family piece, it still makes me feel so nice and cozy (and unlike the mirror-finish veneer in MDF I had when I had a "real" office, you don't have to polish fingerprints off it). Not to be cynical or anything, but can you really not see where Mom picking out her own colors and "or we'll just keep it" is headed? But who knows, hopefully the Christmas spirit will be upon them (or you can at least ransom it with your gift to them!).

Camp Papa said...

Your mother is gifted at color choice and matching, but I picked those colors my own damn self. And MO Goodnuf will deliver. So far the furniture has all been free with delivery thrown in. We are hoping to make up for the zero income with volume.

Becky said...

I think that is a sound business plan, Dad!

And whew! For a minute I thought Elizabeth was right and I'd been outflanked!

Amy said...

Dad, clearly this is why we are all so rich--your business sense must run in the family!

I am trying to overcome my jealousy--what a pretty table! And of course, the history behind it makes it even better. That blue will look great with the gray walls in your office.

Anonymous said...

That table is beautiful.

Does Mo Goodnuff (love that name!) want to adopt any more daughters, err, potential customers?

Gen said...

Oh, that table. Love it. And indeed I am cooking today. 3 pies, dinner roll dough, and salad dressing. How about you?

AlGalMom said...

I hope Mo Goodnuf is well acquainted with Red Green. Perhaps Mr Goodnuf is already a member of Possum Lodge?

Gorgeous table. I'm just getting started with my Christmas woodworking (which means I'm finishing up my almost-done projects in order to make room for new ones). I wish Lowes and Home Depot had black friday lumber sales.

I have minimal food preparation responsibilities for tomorrow, so I am indulging myself and making lemon curd muffins this morning.

Dancer said...

It really is beautiful!

Patience said...

That is my dream table!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Becky! I love it! A few years ago I wrote a poem that starts In the 30s, you built a big table, and/asked me to promise we would fill it up.. I hadn't thought abt it for years. In the middle, there's a bit abt red Georgia dirt. Trippy. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Jenni said...

That table is gorgeous. Good job, Wayne, and Debbie on the color choice. It's perfect.

Jenni said...

That table is gorgeous. Good job, Wayne, and Debbie on the color choice. It's perfect.