Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today was a great Saturday spent in and around the house. I slept late and then spent the rest of the morning watching tennis, which made me feel, by afternoon, as though I needed to pay for this leisure with extra industry. And that my kids needed to help me pay.

We all trouped upstairs and I started hollering instructions. Hank put away a basket of his folded clothes while Laura and I started on the kids' bathroom. I left it in her capable hands and went into my bathroom to try to fix the toilet. It had been continuously running a couple weeks ago, so I'd jammed a wire coat hanger under the floaty ball arm thing. Apparently that isn't a permanent solution, so I sat astride the seat and went at it with a screwdriver. I tried tightening the screw holding on the floaty ball arm, which worked once before, but no. Finally I summoned Matt and asked him to go into the world and find one of those kit things that has all the toilet tank parts in it. He went and did that. So now we own a kit thing that contains a bunch of toilet parts. I'm not sure if the next step is my job or not.

Then Laura helped me change a lot of bedding (time for the PB Swedish House duvet set, yay!) Then I sent them down to the basement to bring up the bins for the Halloween decorations. Then we un-Halloweened ourselves, packing away the black feather wreath, the purple and orange tinsel garland, the stuffed pumpkins, black felt table runner, the string of spider lights, the black velvet pillow, the scarecrow boy and girl, the terra cotta jack o' lantern, and Hank's sign that says, "WELCOMEGREATPUMPKIN." I was sad to see them go.

But, my cleared-off table inspired me to go into my table linen archive and bring out these Orla Kiely for Target placemats, which I haven't used in a long while. I love the stuff from that line; I think it is maybe my favorite of the Target-designer special lines. That was like, three years ago? It is good quality, I use some piece of it every day, and I'm always glad to see it. I think the overall Winner of Winners was the canister set. It's the Missoni-for-Target of my heart.

Then it was late afternoon and I still hadn't gotten any real exercise, unless you count sweeping leaves off the trampoline and double-bouncing Hank. So Matt and I went up to the tennis courts to hit for a while. We left Laura in charge of Hank at the house. We've been experimenting with doing this--letting her watch him for short times while we're in the neighborhood, like at tennis practice. She has her phone, I have mine, and my instructions are, "Laura, your job is not to boss Hank, but to watch him and help him. Hank, mind Laura." So far it has worked out great. She has good instincts, and he is a pretty sensible kid anyway.

We went and played a set and darned if I lose to him every time. It is distressing to me, since I've played two seasons of ALTA now, and he's just picked up the game in the last couple of months. I won one game off of him and that was because I got him chatting about something. Wiles!

Then we came home and I said, "Do you want me to make that chili?" And Matt was all, "Wellll..." So I went in to the kids and he left and got Mexican takeout. Then we watched Gnomeo & Juliet. Then I vacuumed my rugs while Matt gave the kids their nightly wrestle. Now they are all three asleep. Matt will probably rouse himself in a minute here and lumber back downstairs to his lair.

Now you are fully up to speed. It is a thrill-a-minute, but daily blogging, you know?

What are y'all doing?


Aimee said...

I am breathing, which is more than I can say for myself a few hours ago. (See my blog.)

Mostly, I'm wishing I had a suburban-Atlanta-style garden tub. The master bathrooms here have only showers, and I need a good soak more tonight than I have in a very, very long time.

I was nowhere near your level of industry today, but you remind me that I'd better get the skeletons and black wreath put away tomorrow, or they'll sit out for another week.

Becky said...

Ooh, Aimee, just went and read and commented. Go you! How cold WAS it out there?

Elizabeth said...

I'm listening to my son Oliver who is taking a bath with his helicopter. I've just admonished my other son, Henry, to stop playing with all electronic devices and start reading. The Husband is snoozing on the couch with The Daughter. I'm getting ready to crack Michael Ondaatje's novel.

Common Household Mom said...

"Hank put away a basket of his folded clothes"

What am I doing? I am bowing down to your excellent parenting skills. My 12-year-old GIRL will still not put away that basket of her own folded clothes.

I am also answering important questions such as, "Mommy, what would happen to the TV if gravity suddenly went away?" asked by same child as I mentioned above.

delaine said...

Your day sounds like it was very pleasant and happy! Good for getting the kids helping. We went to the Great Gulf Coast Art Show in Seville Square. Then walked to have lunch at a little sidewalk cafe downtown. Last, Kathy, Marcia, and I went to the symphony dress rehearsal for five dollars. The best bargain in town! They played a post 9-11 piece by John Adams that was a combo choir/symphony piece. It was discordant and confusing and not my favorite. But, then they played Beethoven's Fifth which made it all worthwhile! My goosebumps had goosebumps! Add to all the above it was a glorious fall day.

laura said...

Daily blogging this year has at times been a chore. But it has proven to me I do have at least six ounces of self-disciplne. So you go girl!

Veronica said...

Yep, the Orla Kiely line was three years ago, 'cause you gave me a whole bunch of it for my wedding. I use it every day too!

Amy said...

Love those placemats!! Someone was such a busybee yesterday! Now, what about the gourds and and cornucopia and the turkey made from tracing Hank's hand?? It's time for T-giving decorations!!

Hootie said...

Amy: I was like, "I know about the turkey, but you can make gourds and cornucopia by tracing Hank's hand?" And then I realized I'm a dope.

Elizabeth-FlourishinProgress said...

We just had one of those weekends. Doing stuff around the house, busting out decorations from Target, being just, you know, all domestic and stuff.

It's the first weekend Harv and I have been home at the same time in a very long time and I almost forgot how fun it can be just to hang out.

And this daily fist bump to you.

Michele said...

Started a new painting. That's it for the day.

Amy said...

Hootie, that's so funny! I think I need to work on my sentence structure.

Becky said...

Or Hootie needs to work on his pedantry, whichever.

ZING! OMG, just kidding! You know I love it.