Thursday, November 15, 2012


When the weather turns cool, I am very vulnerable to buying things. It is like no other time of year, and I mean, before we even get to Christmas shopping. When it is chilly, that is, when it is actually chilly inside my house, I start to fantasize about things that have magical warming properties. Things made of cashmere, down, fleece, etc. Of course, I have a complete winter wardrobe. I have these things. (Remember our mantra: I already have nice things. I already have nice things.) But around this time of year, I find myself wondering if three pairs of ugg boots are enough, and whether they make sheepskin shorts with the fleece on the inside that I could wear, like lederhosen-meets-Sundance, with a turtleneck over a pair of thick leggings.

Because that would be the most fantastic outfit ever. Truly! No really, I'm serious.

Matt came downstairs the other day to find me still wearing the teeny spandex shorts I had worked out in, with the addition of a pair of fleece legwarmers pulled all the way up to my thighs, leaving my shins bare. He said, "You know, there is another kind of clothing that would cover all these parts of your body." I also had on uggs and a cashmere cardigan, only the cardigan was too big so I'd belted it with the sash to my bathrobe which happened to be in the laundry room. It was a special look, it's a pity I didn't take a dozen self-portraits and put them on instagram.

But also, shopping. Every fall I fight the urge to rebuy things I already have because I like them and they work so well. Do you feel this urge?

Anyway, I found something this season I didn't already own and it is everything I hoped it would be. Fleece-lined leggings. They are only ten bucks and they combine the toastiness of fleece with the not-real-pantsiness of leggings.

I do not seek to relitigate the Are Leggings Pants question. I know there are strong feelings on both sides, but I feel that if you are wearing a longish top, and tallish boots, what happens in the middle is your own private Idaho.

Okay, so I'm loving the leggings, and they are taking the edge off my shopping jones. Other things I do when it's chilly: drink coffee all day long. And the other day I was at Cost Plus for some reason with my parents and my dad made me buy this German spiced wine. I'm having a mug every night. I'm having one now.

Stay warm my friends. xo


Keely said...

I am super curious about what's going on in the "Customer" photo in that amazon link.

Otherwise I feel that leggings are not actually pants, but those look comfy and I would wear them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am so susceptible to buying things at this time of year that it is an especially difficult time for me to fulfill any legitimate procurement duties which may come up, as I have turned off my conscious-buying sentinel, for it is unreliable. There have been too many sad nights buying things in a fugue state on etsy and/or eBay, which leads to receiving packages, the contents of which I literally can not remember buying. Blackout shopping.

This is the year I intend to finally buy 2 pair of silk long-johns in a low-rise iteration. It's time, honestly. I saw fleece leggings at Target today & as I was chilly, they seemed a good idea, like shopping while hungry. xoxox

Elizabeth said...

What it sounds like to me is that you would have looked downright perfect had you been wearing that ensemble out here in Los Angeles. Three pair of Uggs would also work out here, one for each of the three days that dip below 50 degrees.

M said...

My immediate reaction to the fleece-lined leggings: will there still be room for my legs??? I love the clingy warmth provided by the standard ones. I'm worried these will make me feel the way the waistband of a pair of gym shorts does when unwanted additional girth causes it to fit too snug---like I can't breathe. : /

But you did say fleece and not Sherpa, so I may be overestimating.

Jess said...

I found fleece leggings this fall too! I've never been skinny enough to feel comfortable in leggings, but I am now, and they are SO comfy. I even coerced my sister into buying them, and she loves them too!

Lisa Lilienthal said...

So we are to assume you did not have the "embarrassing butt tear" that happened in public to one of the amazon reviewers? I am intrigued by this idea for sure!

Nina said...

Does it even really get cold where you are?! I just bought woollen socks on special offer, and some vintage wool/cotton fabric from Ebay (my watch list is currently 100% wool). Do you knit?

Beth said...

ZOMG, Nina, those shorts are crayzee, but I would never be able to pull that off. I'm intrigued by the fleece leggings. I usually only feel comfortable in leggings if I'm on my way to or from a yoga class, but perhaps these will broaden my horizons.