Saturday, November 10, 2012

That's A Wrap

Laura, acting!
Laura's show is over. It started Wednesday and ran every night and three shows today. Three! I had to take pictures and had somehow volunteered to cover all three shows today, which brought my attendance to five of the six shows. It was a wonderful experience for her.

Today was a long day though. So much Little Mermaid! Holy Mackerel! I feel like I'm under King Triton's throne. When I staggered home after the last show, it was all I could do to go have a margarita with Matt. And it was all Laura could do to go straight to the cast party and spend two more hours bouncing straight up and down.

Climbing into the van with her friend at the end of the night, she said, "When we got there I went straight for the food. We did Gangnam Style like three times. And I hugged a lot of people." I do not doubt any of that. An enchanted evening.

Matt and I are taking advantage of Betty visiting to sneak out of the house at night. Yesterday, after a bracing evening of Little Mermaid, we went to see Skyfall. Ermagerd, Jerms Bernd! I really enjoyed it. I think I liked it a bit better than Matt, who said, "I liked it okay but I never once found myself wondering what would happen and in fact I was deeply uncurious." I don't know, I think I really like a certain kind of action movie and am ready to embrace them. I had fun at the second Robert Downy Jr. Sherlock Holmes movie after all.

I will have more for you after I climb out from under the sea. What's on for your weekend?


Elizabeth said...

I saw Lincoln last night with my husband and boys -- pretty damn good. I saw Skyfall tonight and enjoyed it immensely as I adore Daniel Craig, Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem. I do sort of miss the old, more lighthearted James Bond -- this one seemed particularly dark and Bardem's character too much like Hannibal Lecter.

Nina said...

I must just say, on behalf of all of Great Britain, that we did not elect James Bond and he does not represent us.

Anonymous said...

I get the same feeling abt it from the trailers as Matt. (Grammar, don't be my friend, fine) From the v first trailer I dismissed it, wondering why they couldn't have just done a scene-by-scene remake/update of You Only Live Twice.

That looks like some kind of well-funded production Laura was in. Good for her! And you (unless you were nickeled & dimed for the funding), too! x

Justine said...

The last day of our church play was today, and I didn't attend any of the five showings nor help in any way. {head hung in mom shame} I'm resolved to helping more next year. Unless they ask me to sing.

p.s. Whatever happened with the GoDaddy stuff? I really wanted you to come through with a win and make the pirate creep crawl back in his pirate hole. No?

Becky said...

Justine, the GoDaddy stuff was a no go. The guy stopped responding to communication and I've moved on. I also, with the help of a friend whose husband works at google, sped up the process of reporting that domain as spam and some other stuff, and now I'm back on top as the search result for "suburban matron." So it's somewhat better. The remaining problem is that all my old links within my own posts are broken. And fixing them is one heck of a daunting task!