Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why Didn't You List That Among Our Assets in The First Place?

We just got to the mountain house a little bit ago to spend Thanksgiving. My parents aren't here, but Matt's mom and brother Andy will join us tomorrow.

The house has been empty, so earlier today I called Mom to see what pantry staples might be here before I hauled bags of flour, sugar, and cornmeal across state lines. She said that they'd pretty well cleaned everything out before they left for the season. Okay, so I loaded a huge red plastic tub with absolutely everything I need to make two pies, sweet potato au gratin, grape salad, and cornbread dressing. Also: wine, fruit, crackers, milk, etcetera.

I arrived to cupboards that were far from bare. I was pleased to find: Vodka; pie crusts; and five (5) opened boxes of ice cream cones.

And that is how Debbie rolls.

I think it's going to be the best Thanksgiving ever.

I need to go because Percy is barking at something that probably is a bear. Maybe it will eat her. xoxo

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Star said...

Your T-Day sounds lovely. Mine will be a lot quieter, I'll post something about things for which I'm grateful on my blog, then go to work for the whole day (no T-Day in Milan!). On Sunday, I have a quasi-T-Day brunch with friends. I try to be grateful for something every day.

delaine said...

Glad you all are there safely and warmly. Percy rules the mountain when she is there. Y'all probably have the entire mountain to yourselves. Enjoy the peace and the ice cream cones. I doubt there's any ice cream though. Love ya!

Nina said...

I am thankful for the increased presence of Percy in your recent blog posts. I thought after the photo that you had two dogs - but Percy is a she. OK.

Amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Ice cream cones filled with vodka for everyone!