Saturday, November 17, 2012

Group Pics

mom and me
Ma and me. My hair has gotten long all the sudden?
The weekend is demanding enough without having to read a bunch of words. So I will give you a few pictures instead. We had a really good day rambling around my brother's new place, and later I'll have to tell you about how this haunting of the little church across the road and the local Bigfoot is like Totally A Thing all around here. But Saturday night is no time for narrative.

gabe climbing steps
Gabe clambering.
laura in backyard
Laura bouncing.
living room
Kate and Dave have a tall, pretty living room. Love.
Kitchen conversation.
Gorgeous and warm here today.
boys on porch
Dudes al fresco.
Don't know where the baby was for this shot.
My sister-in-law is like a 33rd-level Wizard of Lunch. We came back from a walk and she'd put the baby down for a nap and prepared a huge meal. Which we ate gratefully. The End. I hope you had pleasant and satisfying times today. xoxo


Amy said...

Sigh...I miss y'all! Looks like a perfect day. :) And Katie, the house looks great!

Anonymous said...

Obvs Matt is holding the baby while he takes the photo, Becky.

Lisa Lilienthal said...

your hair looks amazing! as does everything else about this idyllic setting. enjoy!

Kate said...

that house is gorgeous! worth all the ghosts and tourists.