Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Nerd-Shaped Hole in My Heart

The game company boys flew the coop last Tuesday, Election Day. Matt wanted to commemorate the event, so I snapped this picture in front of one of their many acres of white boards.

Incidentally, it was for these white boards that Matt broke my perfect, decade-long record of never, never writing an Amazon review. Suddenly, in my name, there were these detailed, thoughtful comparisons of various white board surfaces being published. But he cannot comment on my blog. (I know, honey, now it's a thing.)

So today was the first day that we had no house guests around and Matt was off working in the new place. It was quiet.

I got up at 6:15, got Hank up and dressed, fed him breakfast, made his lunch, and got him on the bus.

From 7 to 8 I watched the Today Show, chatted with Laura, and made her breakfast.

From 8-10 I lay back down and went back to sleep.

From 10:30-12 I went to tennis practice.  There were only five of us, and the coach introduced us to a one-handed backhand volley.

I came home just after noon, and this was when I felt the lack of Matt in the house. Normally I would come in from my morning activities, and he would be bustling into the kitchen to get lunch, or having a chat with his partner Lincoln somewhere, and I would be all, "Hey, you won't believe what so and so said!" Or, "I just got my butt kicked/kicked some butt," etc. Instead, silence.

In place of that interaction, I stood at the sink and diligently, carefully dissected and ate half of a pomegranate. I looked out my windows at the falling leaves. You cannot eat a pomegranate except somewhat meditatively.

Then I tidied the things. Then I watched the end of Dial M for Murder and folded a lot of laundry. I never can exactly track all the business with the latchkey.

Then at 2:45 I met Hank at the bus stop, and he brought a little buddy home to play. I presided over that business and made a quiche. Hank talked to me about a food drive at his school, then climbed up into the pantry and loaded his backpack with non-perishables.

At 4:45, Laura walked in the door with many things stored up to say, having apparently not gotten the chance to talk enough during her school day. I absorbed her info and redirected her into homework and fed her an emergency cheese quesadilla.

At 5:45, I loaded both children into the car and delivered the quiche to my neighbor. Then I drove Laura to swimming. She has been absent from swimming so long, due to play practice, that she joked that she was going to ask a lifeguard to keep an eye on her.

At 6:15, Hank and I went into Publix for a few things. Then we went home and I made a soup out of some of the things. Hank is still processing the presidential election, and he had to tell me the results of his canvassing of the elementary school teachers. Only one vote for Obama in his exit polling.

At 7, I called Matt and asked him to swing by and pick up Laura when her practice was over, which he did. They got home just after 8. We all ate some more and he watched an Avatar with the kids. Then they read some Hobbit and got into bed, and that brings you almost up to the present moment.

All this is to say, my day was pretty much like it always is, except I never know where the time goes and I felt a little bit more lonely for parts of it, but not in a bad way.

I am sorry that this post is not more exciting. I hope that you too are bearing up under such trials as may come your way. xoxo


Elizabeth said...

God, that moment when you were eating the pomegranate was cinematically lonely. I'm hoping that you compile a book of essays about suburban tennis with this bit of extra time.

M said...

Looks suspiciously like the parallel universe cast of Big Bang Theory. ; )

Cassi Renee said...

Geez, does Matt work till 7 pm every night?! It's almost like empty-nest time :-)

Nina said...

I'm with Elizabeth on the pomegranate scene. I'm hoping to hear more about the mathematically gifted dog who features so rarely. The whiteboard photo is begging for some clever editing to make it a Usual Suspects poster.

Anonymous said...

How come yr neighbor needs quiche? Food delivery is a portent of great joy or sorrow, do tell xo

Becky said...

All good, her husband is recovering from surgery and her MIL left yesterday. Today I'm making another one for the new baby's parents.

delaine said...

Oh, that latch key part has always confused me too! Sounds like it was a good day, although quieter than usual. I think pomegranates are more trouble than the are worth. It's sweet of you to be the quiche bringer. See you soon.

Veronica said...

I am supremely jealous of the hours between 8 and 2:45. I do understand the feeling of missing having someone to tell the stories to, though. I think sometimes I post stuff on Facebook just so other adults will comment on it and I can feel as though I have had adult interaction in the midst of a day at home.