Monday, November 26, 2012


Hank with Peach
This guy, Hank! 2 years old.
Big bite!



Hank loves fruit. I mean, he loves fruit, he always has. I sometimes find apple cores or banana peels upstairs because he has sneaked up there to eat his fruit in private. Maybe it is tastier if it's clandestine. As though I have ever denied the child fruit.

This afternoon, right after school, he asked for a "regular banana and also a banana cut up with little dabs of peanut butter." I clarifed that he wanted to eat a whole banana, and then have a banana with peanut butter. He means for me to pipe the PB out of a baggie like I do. I said, sure, eat the banana and then you can have one with peanut butter. He protested that he wanted them together, but I was firm. So he ate a banana. Then he said, and I kid you not, "Mom, now let's move on to the little dabs of peanut butter." Oh, indeed. Let's move on. So I cut another banana into little circles and then piped the peanut butter onto them and he will never move out of the house or marry.

A bit later, his little friend from around the corner was visiting. Hank led him into the kitchen and said, "Would you like a tangerine, which is a small orange?"

If facebook hadn't existed it would have sprung fully into being at that moment, that's how fast I updated my status. I had to share my pride in both his politeness and his considerate desire to explain completely. I mean, what if his buddy had been put off by the exotic citrus terminology? "Do not be dismayed, friend, by 'tangerine,' it will be familiar to you as an orange, though somewhat smaller and less acidic."

And for some reason, as I sit to write to you, before I go to bed, that is the moment from the day that I wanted to tell you about.

I hope you found something memorable in your day. xoxo


Elizabeth said...

Oh, yes. The moments when mothering is profoundly awesome.

Amy said...

He is awesome! Love that dude. But let's back up. You pipe the peanut butter out of a little baggie? That's next level, right there.

Veronica said...

Look at that little dude! Seamus is very suspicious of fruit, which I cannot understand. He refuses to try any kind of berry. Chard, peas, and green beans, though, he will eat by the fistful.

AlGalMom said...

This week, I've been wading through 30,000 photos on our computer in an effort to create baby books for our four daughters. Today, I found some pictures taken in an apple orchard of our third daughter at 13 months, double fisting apples with a third tucked under her armpit. Her apples were not as juicy as Hank's peach, but she devoured the fruit with the same urgency and single-mindedness.

Also, to guarantee that Hank will take up residence in the recently-vacated basement and never leave, try a little Nutella on those banana chunks. Very Sustaining and Delicious.

Sierra said...

I laughed out loud in my cubicle. People are going to be wondering why my "work" is so hilarious.

delaine said...

Those pix of Hank do two things to me: make me want a super sweet, juicy peach and pick that two year old Hank up and swing him around while nuzzling his fat little neck. The boy has indeed eaten his weight in bananas. Delicious!

Erika W said...

Hilarious! Is this on the regular menu?

Lisa Lilienthal said...

I was thinking same thing as AlGalMom, up the ante with a little piped Nutella and he will definitely never leave home. Which is fine, because, what would you do without him?

Rebekah said...

I wish my kids would eat bananas. They won't touch them. Hank is so awesome, but we all knew that already.

Star said...

I'm thrilled by his knowledge--not even held by lots of English mother-tongue adults!--of the difference between "which" and "that"! Congrats, again, to you and your family!

Common Household Mom said...

Ah, the intense satisfaction on his face in that third photo.

You pipe peanut butter? I can't keep up with this level of mothering. Piping peanut butter is not in my skill set.