Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bump in the Night

Laura's friend hatched a plot that a few of them would go as Sesame Street characters. I don't think Laura realized that Big Bird is such a highly relevant figure in this election season, I think she just likes feathers. And more feathers are even better. By the time this plan reached my ears, it was already arranged that the friend's mom would make the costumes. My reaction was something like, "Her mom is going to make your costume? I'll believe that when I see it." It seemed like one of those things that would not come to pass.

But then the next thing I knew, Laura was being called for fittings. When I saw the other mother at the tennis court the next day, I practically crushed her to my bosom. "Aren't you such a seamstress!" I said. It emerged that whereas we had both taken sewing and Home Ec in high school, I had made a tote bag while she had made a lined suit. I was all, rock on woman. No really, don't let me keep you. Don't you have some sewin' to do?

Then a few days later she emailed around asking if anyone had a dog crate to sell, and I was like I HAVE THE DOG CRATE AND YOU CAN HAVE IT AND THE PRICE IS ONE BIG BIRD COSTUME. And I was glad because I was gonna have to come up with one damn good loaf of banana bread to say thanks. Or something.

She made Woody and Jessie costumes for her husband and herself.

Where was I? Oh yes, the children.

Cookie Monster bought her costume to match.

Elmo's mom was the seamstress.

For the first time in years, these girls did not make use of a golf cart to scour the neighborhood, which happily reduced the tonnage of candy they brought home. I'm not sure why they all wanted to do the Sesame Street thing. There might be something to be said about how all five of these girls clung to childlike representations of themselves this year, probably the last year that they are truly little girls. But just look at them, sweet.

And for the third year in a row, Hank tagged along with one of the (K)Cathy's kids. Her husband drives them around and helps them climb in and out of the truck.

Rolling party.
So with no kids to escort around and Matt doing candy duty, where did that leave me? Having a beer with Normal Neighbor and watching her hand out full-size candy bars. Then it was back home, and the whole operation shut down by nine, with Hank hiding his candy bucket in his bedroom because he was afraid his daddy would eat it while he slept. And he is right to be afraid.

A couple of nights ago, we were sitting having supper, and Hank said, "So what really is the point of Halloween? I mean, how did it really start? It's not because of Jesus because Jesus is not really anything to do with all the Halloween things." I love it. I mean, this kid! Sometimes it's like he's auditioning for a poster entitled Teachable Moments. Matt was up to bat, so he started with All Saints Day and how that was a holy day and Hallows Eve as a tradition, then he really got warmed up and told them about syncretism and the Christian assimilation of older pagan and Celtic rituals, traditions, and motifs, and then they really got it, and they were like, Easter Bunny! Christmas Tree! And I was like, "Nice job hon!" And I thought, I guess this is why we went to college.

Did y'all have a good night? We really didn't get very many trick-or-treat customers. We never do, because we're the only house down our steep hill that gives out candy. Though I did note that my foster daughters were allowed to trick-or-treat this year, though their parents had their porch light off. Hmmph!

Blogging every day in November! This is the start! We'll have plenty of time to talk of adult things, but you know they take my membership card if I don't put up pics of the Halloween kids. xoxoxo


Cassi Renee said...

Those are great costumes, and yeah, what a great friend's mom! My almost-12 year old girl went as a spy, black clothes from Goodwill and all her spy gear on a belt. Hair pulled back in a bun and red lipstick --she looked pretty grown up :-)

Common Household Mom said...

I am trying not to leave sad comments on everybody's blogs about me missing Halloween. But I'm just so dang jealous! I'm putting on my happy face now.

I love the Big Bird costumes, and from afar I truly love the mom who sewed them. This is the kind of sacrifice that keeps the human race alive. And riding around in a pickup truck to go trick-or-treating?! I think this is not done north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Happy Halloween!

Elizabeth said...

They look wonderful, and I'm impressed about the education that happened around the table. And I can't tell you how over-the-top excited I am about you blogging through November.

Sheila said...

I KNEW there was a reason I was happy it was November...YAY for blogging every day.
Thank you again for the Thai Coconut Curry broth tip. I used it to make the broccoli cauliflower mash. SO good! Thanks and I look forward to reading you~

Marsha said...

My 6th grader decided not to trick-or-treat this year. I tried to be cool about it, but couldn't quite make a convincing show of it.

That sewing mom? Keep her in your orbit! You'll be wanting age-appropriate prom dresses in the blink of an eye and she's your ticket!

Anonymous said...

I found this all v interesting because up here in the culture where I am living, the interpretation would be one wherein the seamstress was tacitly condemning the non-seamer's inattentiveness to the quality of her mothering, possibly a threat to next move in & give Mr Non-Seamer a BJ & it would be received as such -- seething and full of false gratitude + resentment.

So reading this made me feel lonely, but at the same time refreshed my mind of how truly uncivilized these people are. They're pretty good at meaningless small talking about their truly irrelevant jobs, though, so it gives Mari & me something to make fun of later, ha. xox

Star said...

Lovely, thank you. Made me feel all nostalgic about my own childhood.

M said...

Yippee skippy! Sub Mat is blogging again! Perfect antidote to pre-holiday stress. ; )

M said...
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delaine said...

I love the espirit de corps of your neighbor lady making Laura's costume! the group picture of the girls is great. Hank is awesome! Your neighborhood is a great place for the kids to grow up in.

Amy said...

That Matt. The Cookie And The Roar, PLUS he can hold an audience for syncretism? Dang.

Love the photos. Glad you got to keep your membership card. I'd better post some quick pics meself.

gretchen said...

Your ears must have been burning today at about 12:30 PST. I had lunch with Aimee of AimeeWrites, who is in town visiting her sister, as well as Elizabeth, and much Becky was spoken. Elizabeth told me you were doing the November blogging thingy, and I have vowed to try to drop by more often!