Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Into That

It is a chilly day, and not much is happening in the 'hood. Even Oprah is recycling tired material. (Dr. Oz again, really?) So I'm sharing some of my recent housekeeping flubs and bloopers. Keely at Un-Mom is having a Random Tuesday, and this certainly fits.


I'm noticing a thematic connection among my mistakes around the house. Let's play This Into That!

I put: milk
Into: my vodka on the rocks
Instead of: into Laura's thermos
Extenuating circumstances: her thermos and my drink were right next to each other on the counter and I was working on both at the same time. A terrible waste of both liquids.

I put: Hank's t-shirt
Into: the toilet
Instead of: not putting it into the toilet
Extenuating circumstances: I had a paper towel in the other hand that I meant to toss in there.

I put: a scoop of dog food
Into: the washing machine
Instead of: into the dog's bowl
Extenuating circumstances: It's a front loading machine, and the dog bowl is right in front of it, and I shouldn't try to feed the dog and start a load of laundry at the same time. This one was a real pain.

Bonus Hank Edition!

He put: a little Ikea pencil
Into: the floor heating vent
Instead of: into his nose
Extenuating circumstances: I said, "Don't put that in your nose," and I should have said, "Don't put that in your nose or anywhere non-traditional."

So, do I have a neurological problem, or do other people do this? I need to multitask less and unitask more. Or hemitask.

Also, I've been meaning to thank Stiletto Mom for sharing some bloggy props with me. She gave me an award. Yay!

I only found Stiletto Mom a couple of months ago, but her blog is now a place I visit daily. And I love the little picture, which is the work of these folks. I need to pass this on, so I am giving a shout out to:

Sara, who has a newish blog about her rural life. Her outdoor adventures make Sarah Palin look like Paris Hilton. Go read and you'll see what I mean. And I love the name: We Love It, Don't We?

Keely, whom a lot of people already know is super fun, but it bears repeating. And I love her new blog design for Un-Mom.

Messy Mom, whose blogging chops I really admire. She always has something interesting to say. And I would love to hit the thrift stores with that girl.

There are many other people I would love to name, but it would start to seem like I'm stalking them. I love our big, crazy Inter-Web! Have a good Tuesday evening, y'all.


Keely said...

Awwww, thanks!!
And LMAO at the dog food in the washing machine. I'm totally guilty of throwing stuff in the toilet and/or garbage when I didn't mean to!

Casey said...

I do stuff like that all the time, you're not alone. Those were hilarious though. We have a fridge in the garage and sometimes I'll go out there to grab a drink and open the dryer and stare in it wondering what I was looking for.

Amy said...

Be honest...did the vodka go into the thermos? Those are hilarious! I love the t-shirt in the toilet one. I have definitely done things like that before. Or I put things in the pantry that belong in the fridge and vice versa, only to find them days later.

The Messy Mom said...

I love This into that, especially the Hank edition. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog, I am honored.

*MARY* said...

Once I put a carton of eggs into the silverware drawer. So, you're not alone.

Sara said...

I hope I Put/Into/Instead Of becomes a regular feature. That was good times.

Thanks for the shout out! And I like to think that I'm equal parts Sarah *and* Paris.

Cassie said...

So, so funny! (Totally laughing with you, not at you by the way.)

I may or may not have gotten distracted after a particularly unsatisfying CVS run, putting my then-8-month-old baby in my toddler's front-facing carseat and completely buckling her in before realizing that the straps were way too loose and it was definitely not. her. seat. *Shudder*

That was a vodka-worthy moment, with or without milk.

The Stiletto Mom said...

See, you should have called me. I would have told you the milk and vodka thing was okay if just added a shot of Kaluhua. Yummmmm.

Becky said...

If only I'd thought of the Kahlua! It could have been saved. I was making a cosmo and opening the fridge to get both the cranberry juice and the milk. Then it all went sideways.

But I'm glad to know I'm not the only one like this!