Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Random Purchases Tuesday, Also, Getting My Party On

I have cleaned two bathrooms, changed numerous beds, put the kids' rooms in order (Laura helped with hers), vacuumed the floors, and done all kinds of dusting and prettifying. I was totally ready to get into Thanksgiving mode, but something was lacking. Then my mother-in-law arrived with half a Honeybaked ham, and suddenly everything was perfect. That is some delicious ham. And that sucker cost $44. Is that possible? That's what it says on the little sticker. I've never shopped there so I don't know.

And since it's Random Thoughts Tuesday at Un-Mom, here is a picture of the little turtle I bought at Goodwill, which caused me to spray paint my fingers. Michele, in the comments of that post, said that she had happened to see this exact turtle at that exact Goodwill. Freaky. The turtle is hanging with some owls over the potty in the kids' bathroom. I gave the frame one coat of spray paint, and I was going to go back and do more, but I liked it this way. It has a pickled, sort of distressed look.

Now, more random purchases, all brought to you by the letter 'T'. A tiny fake tree that I got at Target for $5. Right now it's anchoring a display of Laura's pottery.

It is five dollars-worth of cute. And finally, ALSO at Target (could I please be more boring), they have little painted wooden vehicles up front. They are a buck. You know we didn't get out of there without some trucks. Not sure of their lead content yet.

So, 'T' is for Turtle, Tree, and Trucks. And Tuesday. Have a happy one!



Sara said...

The turtle is rad. Def worth the spray painted fingers.

Keely said...

I like the way that frame turned out! Yep, worth the fingers.

And on an unrelated note...I need to fix that damn image link. It's friggin' HUGE.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Forget the tiny tree. How much for the anchoring pottery? Seriously. It's fabbo. Pottery is my pot. Still have an ashtray (clump of brown glazed clay with a dip as big as a 3-year old's thumb can make) that my sister gave me (when she was 3).

Cassie said...

Turtle... adorable.

Hank... adorabler.

PS: My kids have the same wooden vehicles! I bought a dozen all at once and just keep them around for fun little surprise gifts or if I do the bad mom thing and really, really need a bribe. I didn't think about the possibility of lead until the baby had the 'opticotter' in her mouth for about an hour one day. Whoops.

Carrie said...

I got some of those vehicles for my girls' Xmas stockings last year.

Michele said...

The turtle is wonderful. I should have snagged it! I'm going back to Goodwill. I made a wreath of pretty fall leaves that I picked up...but I never hung it and now it is time to hang the holiday wreath.
Michele in Duluth