Sunday, November 30, 2008

Five Things I Heard in the Hot Tub

I'm still sifting through the data from our holiday in the mountains. Sift along with me.

  1. Our friend told us that his dad and brother, who are in the real estate business in south Florida together, have not sold a single house in the last twelve months. Not one.
  2. My sister Amy and her husband regularly give gifts of personal lubricant to friends who are getting married. You see, they know a lot people who, believe it or not, postpone the Full Monty until they are legally wed. And Amy wants everything to go, um, smoothly. You want her on your team, people.
  3. Over 200,000 people have applied online for 7,000 jobs in the Obama administration. If you haven't already, here's where you can. Everybody else is doing it.
  4. Bear hunting season is underway in North Carolina, and in Jackson county, where we were, more bears have been killed so far than deer. Perhaps in revenge, a bear peeled the top off an outdoor freezer belonging to my parents' neighbor. The bear broke the hinges off the lid and made off with some frozen berries and fruitcakes.
  5. My brother Dave was asked, "What is your greatest fear?" He said, "A clown with a bow and arrow."

For more edifying lists, check out ABDPBT and the listing crew today:



The Stiletto Mom said...


Congrats on making it through nablopomo...even while traveling!

Hope you had fun on your vaca...and I think I love your sister.

Carrie said...

1. Man, do I love hot tubs. Although the pregnancy prohibition of alcohol is more noticeable on a daily basis, verbotin hot tubs is the cruelest rule. Why must we be denied every comfort?!

2. Wow, is your sister in a serious church community? Cause that is crazy! I don't think I've ever met anyone who really, truly "waited."

3. It's so funny how you folks in mild-weather parts of the country just put your appliances outdoors. I was amazed in California the first time I saw an outdoor laundry area. Here in Chicago, we put away our picnic tables for the winter, and we certainly don't put our freezers out of doors.

Bren said...

When your "brother Dave" was hot-linked, I hoped it would lead to his blog. Tell him he has a blog-fan, and he doesn't even have a blog. yet.

Michele said...

Personal lubricant as gifts? Your sister & her husband rock!

I'd work for the Obama administration but I'm just not sure what they would need a librarian for.

Your brother is right on!

Becky said...

Thanks, Stiletto Mom! That Nablopomo thing, whew. Don't you feel like we should get cake?

And Carrie, the no hot tubs thing is a bummer, for sure. After the first trimester, I basically ignored it. Seems to have turned out fine. And my sister, yes, a serious church community. Apparently true love does wait sometimes. LOL

And I do want Dave to start a blog--I think he is a great writer, but I may be biased.

King of New York Hacks said...

30 days 30 posts...I mihght give it a whirl. That isn't east.Good job.

Keely said...

Holy crap. That's MY biggest fear!, wait. My biggest fear is zombies. But zombies in clown suits carrying bow & arrows would totally trump that.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

My favorite wedding present for a close friend is candles and bubble bath, shipped directly to the newlyweds' hotel. They're just the things I would want. But with respect to "lubricants" and a need therefor? Err, umm, well, achoo . . . it just . . . achoo . . . hasn't come up in conversation.

Jenni said...

I've gotta say, I'm a not a hot tub goer. I mean, I think there are two types of people - those that enjoy hot tubbing those that do not. I really do not.

That aside, I love your sister. She's awesome.

Anonymous said...

#1 is just another confirmation of our failing economy, isn't it?

TitansFan said...

The other day my son and I were sitting in our new Hot Tub and he asked me about the birds and the bees. The guy is only 12! Garsh! explaining things in the hot tub are easier. I can see how relaxation may bring out the hard questions. It just kinda threw me off. Oh well, Now he knows! Lets just hope with great knowledge he remembers the responsibility.