Friday, November 14, 2008

Fun Toy Flursday: Double Tagged

I got simultaneously tagged by both Bren and Cassidy to tell 7 things about myself. And what the heck, it's Friday.

1) I love to sing karaoke. My sister and brother are the ones with actual musical talent, but I still like to belt it out. The louder the better.

2) My husband and I are fourth cousins. Or maybe fifth, we're not sure. We met in college, and didn't discover our ancestral connection until we were married. It's hot.

3) I'm writing a dissertation on British lit, and even though I won't have my Ph.D. until next summer, I'm applying for academic jobs this fall, just to see what happens. I love this work, and I love teaching, I'm sometimes haunted by the thought that maybe I should have been a medical doctor, because I think I would have really liked it.

4) I cannot take criticism. Or rather, I can and do take criticism about my work--I seek it out. And please always tell me if my haircut is funny or my pants look bad. But I can't be criticized about my parenting, my personality, or about manners or decorum. If you offer a critique of those things, I will argue you down until one of us is exhausted. And when someone praises or criticizes me, I'll remember exactly what they said forever.

5) I love giving gifts. When I think I've found a good gift for someone, it's very hard to wait for the gift's occasion. But I'm not all that into receiving gifts. Weird, huh?

6) Back when we had money instead of a house, I bought several beautiful purses that I don't really carry that often, but that I can't bring myself to sell. They are among my secret treasures. My current everyday bag is a nylon LeSportsac hobo that I got for $40 at TJ Maxx. No need to discuss how much the other ones cost. Also, I must confess that I judge women's handbags. Like, it certainly doesn't have to be expensive, but if it's tacky, that's all I see.

7) I love gossip. Just please tell me anything about someone you know. I don't have to know the person to be interested. Please.

Now you know everything, internets. And I'm tagging some real-life friends. Or that's not the right phrase. . .maybe brick-and-mortar friends? Kelly, Jane, and David. Tag, dudes. And happy Friday!


kate said...

I must say that I LOVE all of those things about you...especially because I've benefited from the combination of your love for nice handbags and gift giving :)

Jen@BigBinder said...

That's hillarious, and sort of comforting. A few months ago I was tagged for some kind of 'quirky' meme; in which I explained that my husband and I are 2nd or 3rd cousins. We can't be sure because at one point in our (I know, yuck) family history, someone married her own uncle and it throws our whole thing off. We didn't know until we had been married for 6 years, and our kids don't have any bleeding disorders, so we figure we are OK.

Amy said...

My in-laws are second cousins, though they insist they're 3rd!

That's a great list, Beck, and pretty comprehensive, I must say. And in reference to #1, I still think we rocked the house on that awesome Dirty Dancing theme, "Time of My Life"! Nobody puts Baby in a corner!!

Camp Papa said...

So, how does it come to pass that I didn't know anything about this doctor thing?

Becky said...

Amy and Kate, don't you think that really is almost all there is to know about me?

And Jen, your family history is cracking me up. Marrying your own uncle, whew! But I can't say a word about yucky family history--my father's father was had 8 wives, and he didn't exactly always manage to divorce one before he married the next.

Becky said...

And Dad, it's not like you know EVERYTHING about me!

Cassidy said...

Thanks for the comment, and playing along! I now know alot more about you.

Cassie said...

Ooooh, I love karaoke too! (Even when I'm stone cold sober. Shhh...)

Great list... makes me never, NEVER want to trace my and my husband's lineages though.

Camp Papa said...

I'm glad you didn't bring up that spurious story about the 9th "wife" know it was never proven that he actually "married" her. Where was "W" when the sanctity of marriage REALLY needed protecting???

Carrie said...

Oh, now I must hide my bag from you in order to avoid losing esteem in your eyes. Strangely, when I had the opportunity to interview Heather Armstrong ( this summer, she COMPLIMENTED this bag. I immediately lost any awe I might have had for her "daily style" section. The bag is cute enough -- a Target diaper bag I got on clearance, in some kind of fake suede with a strip of embroidery running along the front. But it's very dirty and the size of a bus, and I carry it around even when I don't have the baby with me because I don't have another purse. Yikes!

Becky said...

That is funny, Carrie! A lot of Heather's Daily Style pics are like, "Here's a thing someone gave me. It has a bird on it." But I love her. What is she really like? Give us the scoop.

And I bet your bag is cute--I love Target. One of my most complimented bags is from there. One time a salesgirl at Barney's admired it, and I practically yelled, "Target!"