Saturday, November 16, 2013

I Just Like What I Like

Bird by bird.
Today I put away my Halloween decorations. I know. They weren't still, like, on display, but they were heaped in my dining room, the spider lights, the skull pillow, the feather wreath, the little witches, Lord, I don't know what all. And my terra cotta jack o' lantern was still sitting in the middle of the table. So I moved all that back to the basement.

Do you remember when I made that runner out of tea towels? That was a weird time for me. Anyway, I pulled that out and put it on the table, because I hadn't seen that in a while, then I put my Red Wing Bobwhite birds on there. The little ones are S&P shakers, of course, but do you know what that big one is? It's an hors d'oeuvre holder. Or that's that they used to call it. It is pierced all over its back with little holes that you stick toothpicks in. What would you serve on those toothpicks? I guess like cheese and olives? Adorable!

Speaking of my weird knick knacks, my mom reminded me of how I found that stuffed swan at a flea market last year. It is almost time to bring that baby out again. But I was trying to carve out a little space for general autumnal decorating, distinct from Halloween and Christmas. So, bobwhites. I have a whole set of those dishes--I think I have service for ten--that I collected off ebay several years ago. All of that old Red Wing stuff is cool and it's not very expensive. Or it wasn't then.

That is all. Did you have a good day? We didn't do much. We did play tennis with the neighbors though, and on the way home, Matt goes, "Okay, tomorrow I'm going to do even MORE nothing."

It was too much something.

Or something. Goodnight! I think we are going to watch a movie.


Elizabeth said...

Yes, I just decided to put the life-size scarecrow man back up into the attic even though it's a good Halloween/Thanksgiving crossover. We have a life-size Santa in a box on our front porch that will need to be put together when Christmas begins. That was a "gift" from my father.

Ginny Marie said...

I love the bobwhites! Perfect for Thanksgiving.

delaine said...

Very pretty colors! Love me some birds!

delaine said...
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Beth said...

We're doing all nothing today! And we couldn't be happier.

Amy said...

It's decorative bird season, mutha!!

Camp Papa said...

They are quail. There! I said it.

Becky said...

Well yes, aren't bobwhite quail?