Friday, November 22, 2013

A Hair Do And An Elbow Don't

Laura's elbow in a happier time.
Wednesday night at swim practice, Laura had her arm fully extended on a stroke and the kid in the next lane ran into her hand, jamming her outstretched arm. She says she saw her elbow bend way the wrong direction. She says it was sickening, and I can well believe it. It hurt a lot and she got out of the pool. But she was moving it and didn't seem to be too distressed. We just had her ice it and I told her she'd rest it the next day. She skipped swimming last night, but her arm wasn't feeling any better, even with rest and ibuprofen. She took to wearing one of her circle scarves as a sling.

So, like any concerned mother, I went to get my hair done this morning. I told Laura she could sleep in and skip school, but I needed to get in for my foil and cut, because that appointment was hard to get, and with the holidays upon us, the other matrons were gonna be all up in there, taking all the morning time slots and drinking all the cucumber water.

So my lady did her thing, which takes about three hours, and then asked if she could hot roll me and take some pics for her Pinterest board, so I was like, okay, so she put a bunch of rollers in my hair and when she was finished, I looked like a Judd cousin. I have some curls, but they're not big blousy curls like she produced. And I resolved that I needed a date night, because that hair needed to be out and about.

Then I went home and Laura's elbow was not really in any better shape than before, so we got Hank and went to the children's urgent care and were seen quickly. They xrayed her and said that nothing is broken, it's probably just sprained, and it's hard to determine the extent of soft tissue damage with xray, but nothing is swollen. They gave her a sling and told her no sports for a week.

As he was ushering us into the first room, the male nurse nodded towards me and said to Laura, "Is this your sister?" I was like, oh please, and Laura explains, "No, she's my mom." And he chuckled and I kind of rolled my eyes, but, you know, appreciatively. It was the power of the hair!

And as we were wrapping up, I got a text from my friend. She was like, "How did Laura turn out? We are heading there because Harrison's cousin hit him in the head with a hoe."


So we go out into the waiting room and there is Hank's buddy Harrison, looking a bit wan and clutching a paper towel to the back of his head. It was clear there had been a lot of blood. My friend looked a bit wan herself. So by then Matt was there and the other dad was there and we had a pleasant little neighborly catch-up around our injured children. The intake nurse was reassuring them that even minor head wounds bleed profusely, and the dad was like, "Yep, it's not our first time at this rodeo."

Harrison got five staples in his head and is okay.

Then we went back home, and Matt went back to work, and I was still planning to go out when he got home tonight. Then something got in my eye that I was super allergic to. I have no idea what it was; I don't really have a lot of problems with allergies. But it itched and then swelled up, and I took a benadryl, which made me feel instantly drowsy.

So Matt came home and I'm like this weepy, puffy-eyed, sleepy Judd cousin with fantastic CMA hair, and I was like, "Let's just eat this pizza you got for the kids and stay home." Done. 

Now I'm stretched out on the couch and this hair is like the desert rose in the poem, born to blush unseen. And that's a Friday for you.

Around here, people are starting their vacations tonight, because the kids are out of school all next week. Y'all?

Edited to add: OMG, remember when I was bald? That was a thing that happened. Anyway.


Common Household Mom said...

That's just way too much excitement for one day. Oh, that hair! It's fabulous! Maybe your hair didn't get to go out on the town, but it's now spread all over the interwebs, which might be less fun for you, but also requires less energy.

Veronica said...

That pic is like Rosie the Riveter for your former self, the one who had to buy the clippers. You can do it! And then your hair will look like this!

Becky said...

That's right V! This is Hair II: Gettin' It Back!

Amy said...

Somebody's faaaaabulous!! Love the curls. And I'm glad LJ is ok, but ouch!

If you put your hair in a loose bun on top of your head before you sleep, the curl will hold some. From a fellow Judd cousin.

Michele said...

The hair is amazing. Like it has it's own life force. I hope LJ feels better soon.

Elizabeth said...

I saw that hair and thought "what the hey?" I loved all the country music references, too. I imagine you washing that mane with Herbal Essence shampoo, original scent.

delaine said...

I do love your hair! The color and the mass of it is beautiful. What would your date night have been if it had happened? I am having sympathetic elbow pains for Laura's poor elbow. When I read your description about her getting hurt, it made me a bit sick too. I think a week off for her is just the ticket ! Kiss her and her elbow for me, please.

Hootie said...

Forget Herbal Essence. We're talking White Rain.

Allison said...

Your hair is magnificent. It's amazing how well it returned.

Michele R said...

Your hair has looked fabulous at every length. I know what you mean how a good salon visit should warrant date night.