Saturday, April 7, 2012


Egg dyeing, coffee drinking.
Hey, what are y'all doing? Matt got here to his mom's late last night. We slept in this morning until, like, 11:30 or something. No shame in my game. Then we all went out to lunch and I had a bloody mary that was made with bacon-infused vodka. It is really true that all is for the best in this, the best of all possible worlds.

Then we took the kids to Rock City up on Lookout Mountain. Very wonderful. I love those retro-attractions. I took pics with my real camera and I'm sure you'll see them because, hi, blogging every day in April.

Then we colored eggs. Then Betty and I rearranged the furniture in her TV room. Together we moved, among other things, a china cabinet filled with crystal. Matt napped while this was happening (no judgment).

Then the kids went to bed and the Easter Bunny stopped by.

He also brought the Sunday NYT, it looks like.

For Hank, that's: Lego Harry Potter sticker book, Battleship card game, mystery Lego minifig, choco bunny, Wonka bar, two candy eggs. For Laura: new bathing suit, mystery Lego minifig, choco bunny, two candy eggs. As I write this, Matt is in the kitchen filling eggs with M&M's and jelly beans for the EB to hide. Actually he just came in to tell me that he wants to run out and get some more candy because the eggs need more variety. I will defer to his superior sense of candy protocols. Sure, it's after eleven pm but he had an evening nap (no judgment).

Hope you're enjoying some good times today.
(E) B


Aimee said...

Awesome day! Love Rock City.

E.B. is about to get her game on here. Kiddos should be heading to bed shortly.

Unfortunately, E.B. also has to get up at 5am to head outside & hide eggs. At our place, E.B. hides the dyed eggs, a tradition carried over from my childhood with which I simply cannot part. Consequently, *I* am the one must needs beat Kalen's internal alarm clock. Blergh.

Christian said...

At some point in grade school I got very serious about religious holidays, viz., if my parents were forcing me to attend confirmation classes, shouldn't we all be forced to observe Easter in a conscious, meaningful, non-commercial fashion and appreciate its religious, non-candy aspects? So I announced to my mother that I wouldn't be accepting an Easter basket, and my family was invited to follow lead. Easter morning, I awoke, and sure enough my mother had not demeaned me with an Easter basket. My sister, however, received two Easter baskets, one that was obviously made for her, and another, which very obviously had been made for me. That's how my parents taught me to stand up for my beliefs.

Becky said...

Christian, I keep reading this and laughing. I feel a deep identification with your parents in this story.

Aimee, when I was a kid the dyed eggs were hidden too. I'm not sure how we wound up doing it this way, except when you marry a man who believes Santa gifts are wrapped, all holiday traditions are topsy turvy I guess.

Beth said...

Hey, the EB brought mystery minifigs here, too!

I'm going to have to do a post about Easter traditions, because we have some unusual ones. I love reading about what other families do, and then I'm all, "Wait, you don't do THIS thing?"

Becky, stop writing posts that force me to say "I'm going to write a post about..."

Nina said...

How many eggs got dipped in coffee, and how many coffee-drinkers sipped on dye?

Elizabeth said...

Happy Easter, Becky. The celebrations look marvelous at your place. I have to tell you that I woke up at 7:00 this morning and literally jumped out of bed with a curse, because I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN TO ASSEMBLE THE EB BASKETS! This is a first for me and probably due to old age. Luckily, though, I managed to do it all in about ten minutes and before my getting old children woke up. Sigh.