Thursday, April 5, 2012

Where's My Plain Brown Wrapper?

So the other week I read an article in the NYT about that Fifty Shades of Grey erotic novel and how it was climbing up the charts. The title of the piece says that it "Sets American Women Abuzz," which made me giggle and giggle to myself.

I was like, "Well, okay, I'll download it and read it and see what all the fuss is about."

Then I realized that if I downloaded it and read it on the Kindle app on my iphone, as I do lots of quick reads, it would also show up in the carousel on Laura's new Kindle Fire. I could go and delete it from her virtual bookshelf, but every time I opened it on another device, her Kindle would helpfully sync and put it front and center again.

21st-century parenting. It is really something. 

I decided to skip it, figuring that the author probably hadn't thought of any new ways to do it. Plus I'm still blushing from that dildo party I went to.

So I was glad when Aimee read it and reviewed it on her blog yesterday. And here's another good take on it from the NYT too. It says the appeal of the book is not in the dirty bits but in the Cinderella element, and I think that's prolly right.

What are you doing? I'm in Chattanooga with the kids, staying with Betty, Matt's mom. Matt will come after work tomorrow and we'll have Easter here.

Stand still long enough and Grandmommy will put lotion on you.
Today we just lounged around and took the kids swimming at the YMCA. Exactly the amount of nothing I wanted to do for Spring Break. It is great having somebody else to love on these kids while I blog, read old magazines, and sleep 'til 10:30.

Girl Gone Wild.

Hope you're having fun! xoxo


delaine said...

I love Betty 's new kitchen! By the way, sleeping till10:30 when someone else is doing kid duty? Do you mean you've changed your ways? Sounds like a lovely getaway.

Amy said...

I totally get the 21st century parenting issues! Remember when I sneaked (snuck?) into Ava's room at 11pm to make sure my list of Xmas presents I'd bought her hadn't synced to her iPod? Dang iCloud ruins everything!

Enjoy the weekend! I think I need to be sleeping in more... Don't you think 10:30 is a tad early for Holiday Becky?

gretchen said...

We start our break today. And after I finish all this dang singing at the church stuff, I plan on doing just what you're doing. Well, the sleeping and reading part.Have fun!

Suburban Princess said...

I downloaded all three books but havn't started them yet. Had a convo about it in the book store the other night...all of us blushed and giggled like school girls!

Cassi Renee said...

I have a friend who read the first one and said it was terrible. She's an English professor, so that may have influenced her opinion. Personally, after having done some time in an abusive relationship, I don't tend to re-visit that stuff.

I am having that Kindle problem too, although mostly it just clutter's E's kindle up with things she's not interested in :-)

Elizabeth said...

My sister told me about these books, but I just can't do it.

Beth said...

I've read the first and am currently reading the second, "Fifty Shader Darker" or some such nonsense. I have to read Aimee's review. It's certainly terrible writing. It's the cover story on Entertainment Weekly this week because the movie rights just sold. There's also an interview with the author. Did you know it started as Twilight fan fic? So there's that. Maybe I should write a review!