Friday, April 6, 2012

The Mudville Nine

Put me in, Coach. After I finish my Sprite.
We took the kids to a minor league baseball game tonight, the Chattanooga Lookouts. Go Looks! It was fun. It might have been even more fun if the Looks were better at playing baseball. They lost to the Tennessee Smokies 0-1. But as Laura observed, "Well, it isn't the major leagues, after all." The kids were excited to be there nonetheless. They've never been to a baseball game. I know!

A minor league game is just good entertainment. None of the seats costs very much, you can see the action really well, there are snacks and beer, and the people-watching is unparalleled. As Matt would say, there was one of everybody there.

One of my favorite people was a woman sitting in our assigned seats when we got there. We had tickets for actual specific seats, and there was a couple and a child in them. I did the thing you do of, "Oh, let's compare tickets." Because 99.999% of the time, one of you is mistaken about your section/row/seat/basic orientation in the universe. But this lovely, when I wanted to see her ticket, huffed and said, "Like I don't know how to read."


But I didn't even react because she was extending her ticket to me as she spoke, and I wasn't about to get into a slapfight with someone who was already missing teeth. I just wanted to see her ticket. And she spoke the truth! They had tickets for those seats and so did we. Ours we bought online and theirs were from the box office. We summoned the usher, who confirmed this duplication. Then he suggested we sit in some empty seats a few rows forward, which I thought was just kicking the can down the road, but whatevs, it isn't the major leagues, after all. We plunked down and it all turned out fine.

L has new Easter shoes, courtesy of her grandmother.
It was a fun, cheap outing, I'd love to come back on a summer night and do it again. It is a minor miracle that I did not eat a hot dog or something worse. I did have a light beer and that was all. I felt practically ascetic. There were fireworks after the game, which made the kids feel like they'd had a big night out.

Oh, and Betty, who has a sharp eye for social comedy, drew my attention to this scene.

Poor baby doll.
She said, "Here's a sign that someone is not from the absolute top shelf of society." And she pointed to the baby doll that had been lying in a puddle of beer all night. "You wouldn't let that happen," she said.


A fun night out in Mudville. Happy Easter Weekend y'all! xoxo


Amy said...

Aw, I love baseball games!! Glad the kids got to experience kids haven't yet. The tickets thing is always awkward, I bet you were glad you didn't say anything snarky when it turned out she had the same seats. I bet she was a little chagrined. Or not. ;)

And I will confess that baby dolls in our house have ended up in similar scenarios, maybe not with puddles of beer, but possibly other questionable fluids. But I also sent Grace into the McDonald's play land once in a sweatshirt and diaper to play, so I think we all know I'm not top-shelf! :)

AlGalMom said...

that's a picture that deserves a caption contest, or at least a meme-ification. My mind is currently in "energy save" mode, but I will report back with something hilarious tomorrow.

delaine said...

What a fun night for all! I remember many years ago going with you and Matt to a Lookouts' game. It WAS great fun! How can it be possible that in two months' time Hank has grown into such a big boy?! He looks so much like Matt now. Happy Easter tomorrow!

Cassi Renee said...

I just love the way you write. When is your collection of observations on living coming out? :-)

Anonymous said...

Pert. For whatever reason, that slayed me.

Michele said...

We love minor league games. They are so much more casual and entertaining, spectators or players.

Jealous of Laura's shoes.

M said...

Lucky you caught it on film. Those roving bands of beer-guzzling baby dolls are pretty elusive.

Nina said...

Reserve-team football (soccer) can be fun too. Arsenal's reserves sometimes play in this tiny lower-league stadium in north London, and you get to almost literally rub shoulders with Arsene Wenger. For free. And I've never seen any baby doll abuse/neglect going on there at all.

Michele R said...

How fun! I love Minor League baseball. We went to one in FL two yrs ago and I cannot believe it took us so long! Youngest remembered everything the beer and water sellers in the stands said and now he is a hoot saying the same things as he helps out and sells drinks at high school games. The photo is a riot!

Elizabeth said...

My sons still wear baseball caps that they got from a Sand Gnats game in South Carolina -- so much fun!

And that last photo with the commentary is over-the-top in the best way. You've got an eye.

kathy said...

Pensacola now has a minor league also, the Blue Wahoos! We have a brand new stadium overlooking Pensacola Bay that is their home base. The first game of the season was this past Thursday. John and I looking forward to attending some of the games. I think it will be fun. Your outing sounded like wholesome, family fun. Have a blessed Easter.

gretchen said...

Big fun! Jude and I went with Grandpa to a Long Island Ducks game last summer and had a blast! I, however, DID succumb to both the hot dog and the beers. Jude now owns a souvenir duck call, which might be the most annoying item he possesses.

gretchen said...

Oh, and hurray for your Casey at the Bat reference.

Kate said...

You guys are doing spring break right! Good times.

When I first opened your page, I was so taken by how much older Hank looks. He's so grown up! Such a handsome little dude.

Aimee said...

Oh, fun! We've never done a minor league game. Tons of Braves games over the years, and we already have a few Mariners games under our belts. (Yes, we feel sorry for them, so we have to cheer them on.)

There are a couple of minor league teams in the area; we should really look into attending some games.

"Pert" is fabu.

Laura and Jason have matching shoes! :)

Allison said...

I love that picture of Hank. You can see the person he's going to become. It's a perfect shot.