Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ham Is Not A Lifestyle

Greetings! We got back to Atlanta a couple of hours ago. Easter Sunday has been going on and on for about two days, it feels like. And I think that some of its caloric legacy might be with me a while longer. On MyFitnessPal, the calorie counting website we use, my sister posted on my profile wall, where we can each see what the other is eating, and we sometimes give each other helpful words of encouragement.

Her message: "When you're ready to talk about the ham, I'll be here."

The ham. Oh the ham. Betty had this honeybaked ham sitting in the fridge for the last two or three days. And it was just so easy to reach in, nudge aside the gold foil, and peel off a slice, slam the fridge, and go. I got to where I could do it in one motion, deftly, with one hand, while checking email on my phone in the other hand. I mean, I had a Ham Routine. That can't be good? Do not do as I do!

And also, today after church I was making the deviled eggs, and you know how you always have filling left over after you spoon it back into all the egg halves? Reader, I grabbed a slice of, yes, ham, and MADE A LITTLE HAM AND EGG FILLING TACO. Like where the ham was the taco shell and DON'T EVEN LOOK AT ME.

(I wish you could see how I'm cracking up typing this. I mean, are these tears of mirth or shame, I don't know. It's some kind of release though.)

Today was a nice day even setting aside the deviled egg ham taco. Church, lunch, nap, brisk walk around the mountain, driving back home singing Glee songs with Laura, and now, looking at the pics I took and ham blogging.

Have a good night. I'll be back in better form tomorrow. Here's a snapshot. xoxo

Laura checking her dad's pockets for eggs. My girl.


Elizabeth said...

My mouth is watering. We did not have ham, but I did make deviled eggs tonight and ate four (halves, that is).

Camp Papa said...

Ham! Thank God for the New Covenent.

Amy said...

Omg ham taco! Laughing forever. It's like when KFC did that sandwich where the slabs of fried chicken were the "bun". LOL! But actually, ham with devilled egg filling sounds AMAZING.

I wanna see more pics! Of the kids I mean, not necessarily the ham. Though I think ham blogging is totally a niche.

Dana said...

Great, now I have to go make some deviled eggs so that I can try the taco with my leftover ham. Thanks for that. Lol!

Dana said...

Great, now I have to go make some deviled eggs so that I can try the taco with my leftover ham. Thanks for that. Lol!

Lisa Lilienthal said...

Don't feel alone, not only did I ham swipe all through the weekend, I ate the extra deviled egg filling .. and a crapload of deviled eggs.

Jenni said...

Ham and egg taco, mmmmm.