Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Laura and Hank

I corralled the kids for pictures before they ran off to find eggs in their grandmother's yard. I worked quickly and got just a few.


Easter 2012
I tried to keep Hank's shirt tucked in but it was unpossible.
You mothers of daughters, meet me in the kitchen for a minute. Next to the dip. Okay, y'all, you will understand that I was so happy when I said to Laura, "We need to figure out what you'll wear for Easter," and she pulled this dress out of her closet and said, "I want it to be this." I mean, it's not a "junior" dress, it's not a Justice flashy 'n flirty number, it's a little girl dress. Because she is still a little girl. I mean, I don't know what I was expecting her to want to wear--J. Lo's green Versace gown?--but I'm still a little rocked on my heels by the whole eleven years old thing, and the fact that every now and then I look at her and she seems So Grown Up.

Matt and I did indeed make a midnight run for more candy on Saturday night. Then he filled the eggs and hid them outside. After the kids found them all, he had them come inside, pool their eggs in the middle of the table, and do an egg draft. This is the game designer in him. They enjoyed the heck out of it.


Found one!

Easter 2012

Yes, in the above picture, Matt is wearing athletic shoes, having forgotten to bring any other shoes to Chattanooga with him. But you see, he also forgot his good shoes and had to wear tennis shoes to our rehearsal dinner. So I look at this and see not absentmindedness, but a beautiful tradition of absentmindedness.

Nobody took a picture of me in my Easter finery--yes, I am like that desert rose, born to blush unseen--but you'll have to take my word that I looked totes cute. Here's a tiny, pretty flower instead.

purple flower

I hope you are having some lovely spring moments these days.


Camp Papa said...

Your mother an I had a conversation covering this same ground when we saw these photos the other day. I love to see her dressed as I picture her in my head.

delaine said...

I love the pictures! I especially love the little girl, fresh look of Laura's dress. It's darling and pretty. The perfect Easter dress for an eleven year old! I also love Hank's look of, what did you wear for Easter finery?

gretchen said...

They are beautiful. And Laura understands what an EASTER dress should be. It's a specific thing. She gets it. But I'm afraid that you mentioned dip, and that's kind of all I can think about. What kind? Crab dip? That Barefoot Contessa homemade onion dip? Mmm. I need a snack.

Star said...

Wonderful post. I've missed reading your blog during these last frenetic work days (weeks, months). It's like a breath of fresh wholesome Americana. Thank you so much. It's so wonderful to see kids growing up in a healthy environment. I hope you and yours are as well as can be.

Michele said...

The kids look adorable. What is an egg draft?

I understand about Matt's shoe thing. I wear converse with work skirts. They are just the first thing I reach for in the morning.

Moms seem to be the official photographers at holiday events.

AlGalMom said...

I was at a birthday party with my 9 year old, and watching the girls from her class interact. About a third of them were already firmly ensconced in the pre-teen dynamic, cell phones, lip gloss, hair-do's, text-speak. Another third were still definitely kids, running around, making goofy jokes, getting completely absorbed in making crafts. The remaining third was doing an awkward dance between the previous groups, clearly wanting to be among the more "grown up" ten-year-olds (!!!) but still identifying with the "younger" set. It was with profound relief that I watched my daughter bop around without any self-consciousness in the kid group. I'm painfully aware of how quickly she is reaching the end of these purely childish days. I look forward to a time when she's an adult and we have the kind of amazing friendship that my mom & I share, but oh that in-between-time (in which I receive my come-uppance) fills me with trepidation.

Beth said...

In spite of some sadness over not having a daughter, it's these moments when I'm glad I don't have to deal with Justice. And I don't mean the lady with the scales.

Your kids look so lovely and happy. Also, do you rent Matt out for kids' parties?

Leigh said...

Laura looks so sweet in her dress--11 is such a great age. My 13-year-old have looked at approximately 11 billion dresses for her 8th grade graduation; it's SO HARD to find anything that looks appropriate for that age! And don't get me started on how her friends convinced her she needs high-heeled wedges to go with it. NO. JUST NO.

This dip is delicious, by the way.

Cassi Renee said...

I can totally appreciate your feelings about that dress. I feel lucky that my daughter, at 11, is still such a kid in many ways. Her two close friends are also, and I'm glad of that as well.

Rebekah said...

I concur with the group of comments from Anti-Justice, the store not the idea. I love the girlness and want to avoid the skankiness as long as possible. Laura is quality - good taste, a natural sense of propriety. I think she will be one of those rare people who go through adolescents with just a bump or two, but mostly unscathed, because she has self-confidence. Kudos to you for getting such great photos too.

Rebekah said...

sorry for the typos

Amy said...

Laura = remarkable beauty. Goodness!