Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tumped Over

Do you know this word "tump"? I suppose it's a combination of "tip" and "dump," with an added connotation of accidentalness and indignity. Anyway, it's what happened to me when we went tubing on Monday.

Erika and Me
Erika and me. We kept urging Matt to crash the car into these tubes.

Our friends Erika and Ted went up to the mountain house with us, so of course we took them tubing at Deep Creek, one of our favorite things to do up there. And as usual, my tube was bungeed to Hank's. (A large percentage of my posts this summer contain the words, "My tube was bungeed to Hank's," which I think is a sign of a good summer.)

Anyway, I was floating along, my back facing downstream, and I never saw how it happened. One instant everything was fine and I was dry and in possession of sunglasses and a bottle of diet Pepsi, and the next instant I was upside down underwater with my tube on top of me. No more sunglasses or Pepsi. Or as we say in the south, Coke. I clawed my way out from under my tube, ready to lunge downstream to rescue Hank, but he was sitting in his tube, perfectly right-side up, wearing his life jacket. He was drinking his lemonade as he said, "Why are you doing that, Mama?"

It didn't hurt while was in the process of falling out and getting back in, but now I keep finding bruises on my knees and ankles. All's well that tumps well, and we had a fabulous time. And fortunately my straw hat stuck on my bald head.

Floppy Hat

I love it up there. I could go every weekend (and I nearly do). Here's to mountain time with friends. A small sampling of pics:


Hank and Me

Devin Reading



Kids in the Car

Devin and Hank

Hank going over the gate

Hank on Deck

And a few more are here. Now I'm off to do some last minute things before heading to BlogHer tomorrow. Woohoo! Will keep you posted. xoxox-B


Sjn said...

Love that last pic of the little man out on the deck, and... it shows off his great haircut!
Enjoy that Mountain air, it's stinkin' hot down here.
So... BlogHer, do tell when you get back.

Maggie said...

Great pictures, looks like a wonderful time for all. Have fun at Blog-her. You are so cool!!!

Kelly said...

Such great pics!! I would have loved to be a witness to your tube flipping just to see how on earth Hank managed to stay right side up. Glad you're ok. Did you find the sunglasses? I'm guessing they don't float as well as flip flops ;)

delaine said...

What fun! I'm so glad the weather and the creek cooperated, and everybody came out at the end. Super pictures of the weekend!

Keely said...

I want a mountain house. Sigh.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

The two of you reading is my favorite.

So go on, now. Make us really jealous and give us the temperature up there at high noon.

Better yet . . . what's the address?

; )

Amy said...

Those are beautiful pics!! Looks and sounds like an idyllic time...except for the part where you tumped over.

Miss y'all! It's killin' me that I can't be in NYC with you--KILLIN' me! Have fun! :)

Erika said...

Thanks for the great time. We will be back next week! Have fun in NYC.

Common Household Mom said...

I heart your hat. I'm glad you didn't lose it in the crick. When you get tumped, it's in a crick, right?

Marie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pictures!You
look great and I love that everyone
is reading. My turn for THAT deck and a good book is coming in October. I can't wait!

melondonkey said...

Not to geek this up too much, but can you please identify the game the man is playing the in picture at the table. I'm intrigued just by the edge of the map.

The Messy Mom said...

Busy, busy, busy. At first I thought that little blonde boy was Hank. I was thinking that he looked TOTALLY DIFFERENT with a shaved head (remembering the haircut thing). I know that he is probably so much younger and doesn't really look like Hank, but I am a dork. Anyway, glad to see that Hank still has his hair.

Becky said...

Melon, geek it up all you want. That game is Ticket to Ride, a train themed game. Fun!

Jenni said...

Gah, my heart was in my throat thinking about what you must have been feeling when you though Hank had also tumped. Scary, and I already knew the ending (and have seen the bruises, OUCH.)

Loved meeting you for realsies this week, and miss you already.

PS Laura's hair has gotten long! Good luck to her tomorrow

Fantastic Forrest said...

Where to start?!
1. I <3 tubing. I am deeply jealous of your tubing time. Except for the tumping. That sucketh.
2. Diet Pepsi? NO! Make it a real Coke. Maybe that's why you got tumped. The Gods of good soft drinks were angered.
3. TICKET TO RIDE?! Oh my Gawd, Becky, we really do have to get together because that is my fave game ever. And I am really good, so you'd have some real competition, missy.
4. You are going to BlogHer? How did I miss this?! I would have gone if I'd known. Given that, when I came down to your area, you fled to California, it might have allowed me to actually hang out with you. Because I'm sure there weren't many people at the conference, right? Who wants to go to NYC?
5. Those pics are awesome. Makes me realize I am the worst photo chronicler of my family ever. But first I need a mountain house.