Saturday, August 21, 2010

Date Night Y'all

Matt's mom has come to town to stay a couple of days, and this is the first weekend we've been home in forty forevers. We knew would get a chance to go out tonight, so Matt's proposal was these things in this order:

1) Go eat at the new taqueria near us, the one that has made our lives complete with its amazing chipotle-tamarind sauce.
2) Then go see The Other Guys. I have a soft spot for Marky Mark.
3) Then go to the gym for some late-night gymming. This could involve actual working out, reading on the pool deck, or just sitting in the hot tub. I think I could muster a half-hour on the treadmill and that would take the place of shredding. We'll see.

Be good and I'll see y'all tomorrow.


Jenni said...

Have fun and behave! No, I take that back. Don't behave.

Amy said...

Sounds pretty ideal to me! I loved when we got to go hot tubbing up there late at night. Hope y'all had fun!

The Expatresse said...

If you like Marky Mark, make sure you see him topless in Date Night.

Keely said...

Aw, that's a pretty good date! I like that you go to the gym. Paul and I just go eat things that are terrible for us.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

It all sounded good . . . up until the gymming part. Lawd, you two are wholesome.

Beth said...

I agree, Lawyer Mom-- what's up with THE GYM on date night? That sounds wrong. How about massages instead?

Now I have to know... did you actually work out?