Friday, August 27, 2010

Left us hanging by a soapy thread

Well, she's done it again. Becky's off to California for a few days. (This is Amy, by the way.)

I called her a couple nights ago. "What are you doing?" I asked. (Which is code for Why haven't you blogged?) "Watching Mad Men," she said. "Mom--would you pause that?" "Hey--I didn't know Mom and Dad were there," I said, surprised. "Yes," Beck answered, "I'm seeing our parents behind your back."

After I got over the shock and betrayal, I learned that Mom and Dad had come to ride herd on Hank and Laura because Becky had to go to California for a few days. That can happen, you know. The sudden urge to fly to California. Perhaps it's the guacamole?

Not to worry, though! She's flying home on Saturday, and when I talked to her today, she thought she'd be able to check in and update us sometime before then. It's a good thing, I told her, cause we all need to know what the deal is with the Ivory Soap. You can't just throw that out there and then leave.

I would never do that to y'all. I'm the responsible one. Or wait, maybe I'm the guilt-ridden one. I can never remember.

Anyway, just wanted to put you at ease. Becky is just fine, and all is well at the SubMat household!

Now, Beck--resume your post!


Hootie said...

You know what's weird? Reading a blog post in your voice, but seeing a picture of Becky in the corner of the page. This is like one of those episodes of Happy Days where Laverne and Shirley show up.

Michele said...

Sometimes, I get the urge to fly off somewhere but rarely is it sunny California. Mostly, it's Waco, Texas. Somehow, it's not quite the same.

Amy said...

Hootie, that's priceless. You should be doing standup comedy.

Thanks Amy for giving us the faith to hang on to the soapy thread a tad bit longer!

Common Household Mom said...

I am waiting on tenterhooks to hear the whole story of the Ivory Soap. Because I am one of those weird moms who puts weird things in the party goodie bags. You know, I put in USEFUL things that most kids hate. I try to make up for that by also putting in chocolate. But I have never ever thought of putting in a bar of soap.

Beth said...

If Becky's in California, I want to see her!

And I must, MUST know about the Ivory soap.

Marie said...

Thank you, Amy,the responsible middle child. You would never leave us hanging like that!:)

gretchen said...

I love Hootie's comment.

Hey. Where exactly in California did Becky go? Don't you tell me she was anywhere near me and didn't let me know. Cause then I'd have to get pissed off!