Sunday, August 15, 2010

BlogHer 2010: Bedscapes


I take pictures of hotel beds. I just think they're interesting. Actually this one isn't all that interesting. It's nothing to this one, for example. And one of these has a man in it. Ooh, and this is the place I most want to stay again. But anyway, here is the perfectly adequate room I shared with Keely and Jenni at the Hilton in NYC.

new york hilton bedscape

Keely took this picture from our window on the 34th floor. I couldn't stand that close to the window because I figured the glass would probably dissolve and I would plummet to my death.


Here is the conference tote bag and some of the swag it was filled with.


gift bag

sausage alarm clock!

Yes, that is the storied Jimmy Dean alarm clock of BlogHer 2010. I saw this and thought, "Oh no way am I taking this home."

Then I thought, "Laura."

And sure enough, she loves this thing and got herself up for school all last week with it.

Shine on, you crazy sausage clock.


Messy Mom said...

Just the photo of the view makes me a little nauseous so I don't blame you for not wanting to stand close. I somehow missed the Vanuatu the first time around, but I would want to go there again too if I were you!

gretchen said...

If this view makes you freak, then you will appreciate the HUGE bullet I took for the kid when Jude drug me to the top of the Empire State Building. AGAIN. Sigh.

I covet that Jimmy Dean clock. Damn.

Amy said...

Soo-ee, that is Some Clock!

Becky said...

Amy, when I get blog comments in my email, they don't come with profile pics attached, so it is always a little game to guess which Amy the comment is from. I swear, it is not easy because you and she (and I) seem to have the same set of cultural references (to put it grandiosely). I was sure this one was from her. We love a good Charlotte's Web shout-out.

Amy said...

Don't we though! :)

And that esteemed other Amy is right. I think that clock is pretty sweet!

So I wanna know, did you girls draw straws to see who got the bed to herself?

Becky said...

Ha! No, since there were three of us and we were there three nights, each person got a bed to herself for one night.

I packed Ambien so honestly, I slept perfectly all three nights.

Michele said...

Hilton's are not known for their imaginative decor.

Amy's comment was wonderful and spot-on.

Michele R said...

I feel the same way about the glass window. I had a clock like that when I was Laura's age--pink and green.

Jenni said...

Notice the beds are slightly rumpled from my bed bug check.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I take pictures of hotel rooms too :) And good call about the clock!

Amy said...

Teehee. It must be our common DAR roots that gives us that grandiose cultural whatever stuff you said. ;)

I've loved getting to re-read Charlotte to my girls!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

If I'd known that clock would be in the grab bag, I'd have walked, even crawled, to NYC. Damn.