Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BlogHer 2010: In Which I Tire of My Wig


I know, another post about the BlogHer conference. I mean, move on already, you've been back for a week! I know, this is the last one. I just have some snips and snaps to share.

In addition to my ladies up there, Keely, Jenni, and Gretchen, I got to meet:

kim tracy prince
Kim Tracy Prince, total sweetheart.

casey and keely
Casey, as hilarious as you'd think.

carrie kirby and me
Carrie Kirby, the Frugalista, I've been reading her since I started blogging.

One upshot of all this photo snapping and seeing myself in photo after photo was that I became heartily sick of Codi. Codi is fine but she never changes. She is always just sitting there being a wig.

I met Jenny the Bloggess, who famously wears "confidence wigs" to these conferences, though this year she went with a fake ponytail, which was cute as a bug. I was starstruck. Anyway, she was as friendly as could be and she complimented my hair, and I was all, "Thank you but it's a wig because I had chemo this year and I'm going to be fine but I'm totally sick of this hair." To her credit, she did not say, "OMG, what can of worms have I just opened?" Instead she told me that I need several wigs. Six, she said. So I guess I am doing this wrong and I need more wigs. They can't all cost as much as Codi though. I need to track down a source of fun but cheap wigs. There's a sentence I never thought I'd write.

I am also growing to embrace the hat look more. It feels less fussy. And anytime there will be sweating involved, I leave the wig at home. In NYC, it occurred to me that a bald lady doesn't attract the attention on the streets that she does in my burb. It is really hard to attract attention in NYC, there is one of everybody there. So one day of the conference I declared to be wig-free day.

me outside moma

Bald girl in the ci-tay! More pics of the whole affair are here. Oh, and Gretchen showed me that little Hipstamatic app for the iphone. I like the snaps it takes.


hipsta me

The cafe at MOMA was very good, and not really expensive, considering. Thanks to Femme Follette for that pro tip.

And this impressed me (last pic, I swear):

stokkes at moma

The high chairs at MOMA are Stokke Tripp Trapps. I like all the different colors they have. And these are much cleaner than the one at my house. That's what impressed me--that a high chair can be clean. Maybe they have a lot of beagles that lick them, I don't know.


Lisa Lilienthal said...

Becky, my GF here has a little hat with hair attached so that when she is wearing it it looks like her "old" hair and that she's wearing a hat -- does that make sense? -- and she said it is not as hot as a wig. I will find out where she got it!

Jenni said...

You totally rock the hat look. And, you hair really is growing in, so in a couple more months, it will be so much easier to go wigless/hatless.

Stephanie said...

Codi rocks but I totally agree with you about it always being the same. I went through it last year (and now sporting some amazing curls from formerly stick straight hair). I got through with one super spendy wig for work and some hats with hair http://hatswithhair.com/ One in blonde, because why not and one my normal brown. I got the cap version where you buy your own baseball hat. Pretty cheap and way cooler (temperature wise anyway).
Good luck on this tough journey!

Ash said...

Clean high chairs are a miracle. Good for you for stopping to notice.

Love the hat. Sincerely. Too cute. (Sorry Codi) A dear friend of mine swore by bandanas during her two boughts with ALL - easier to wash.

I'm glad you had a good time. All the whining posts was starting to bring me down. Massively.

Keely said...

A flock of beagles seems like a MOMA thing to do.

Michele said...

You could post pics of the gang once a week for month and I wouldn't get tired of them.

Elle said...

Omg! Crap! Because you were in NYC and nowhere is there better to buy 5 more wigs without spending too much! In fact, when I was writing you the roundup email, I almost headed you toward the part of town where you could get wiggy with it, but I did not want to pry. Not like the time I typed eleventy-billion words abt seaweed, obvsly.

I love the MoMA cafe. Maybe later I will write about the Metropolitan Museum's cafe, so we can admire MoMA more.

I love Hats with Hair! Amazing!

Cassie said...

I love all of these pictures! And while Codi is lovely, I really, really like the hat look. No one would bat an eye in Ann Arbor, either. (Come visit?)

I'm thinking someone needs to start a wig-swap.

Crystal said...

I think that guy in the red shirt was looking at you ;).

So I wanted to register for that high chair, but then surveyed my mommy friends who feed little ones daily and they said "You need a tray!" But aren't they so sleek looking?!

Kate said...

i was with my mother when she picked out her 2 wigs. she has yet to don them in my presence. she rocks the floppy hat this summer. when you are 70 and have cancer, you just can't be bothered to wear your wig in the heat. i approve.

Mrsbear said...

Either way, I thought you looked lovely.

And I felt pretty lucky to be included in the MOMA excursion, I'm still having lurid fantasies about my panna cotta.

It was great meeting you.

gretchen said...

Remember on Sex in the City when Samantha had her chemo and she went crazy and bought an assortment of "fun wigs". Platinum blonde. Pink. You should think about it. If you were here in LA we could go wig shopping on Hollywood Blvd. and get you an assortment of "fun wigs". You could totally pull them off.

Messy Mom said...

I love that app!

Beth said...

I love that app, too. And Camera Bag. LURVES!

Casey said...

I thought Codi was adorable, don't know if I told you that or not.

That cafe was awesome, I would go back to MoMA just to eat there. Thanks for hanging!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Eff the wig. You're face is GAWGEOUS.

Kim Tracy Prince said...

You might be the first person who ever described me as a sweetheart - a total sweetheart, no less! I give you props for insisting that photos must be taken from above, a tall order when you are involved. (See what I did there?)

I also, I cannot stand how clever/witty/balls out your blog is.

That is all.