Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday Ended Twenty Minutes Ago

But Friday night keeps rocking on. What did y'all do tonight?

My short answer is that I did nothing. The long form is:

1) I chatted with the mother of a friend of Laura's. She came to pick up her daughter from a play date. I noticed for the first time what lush, thick hair this woman has. Ah, hair.

2) With hair still on the brain, I made Laura submit to a sock bun. Do you know of this sock bun magic? Oh sock bun, where were you when I needed you? The bun looked cute, but note: an orange striped sock isn't optimal for blonde hair. Maybe a tan sock next time.

3) I ate waffles with Greek yogurt and maple syrup for supper. So did Hank. Laura and Matt ate taquitos from Trader Joe's. You will all want to subscribe to my upcoming food blog. It will be so slatternly.

4) I played some Xbox Lego Harry Potter with Hank. I think that series might have jumped the shark. All the different spells you can cast--so fussy and getting farther from the pure Lego joy of smashing some things and building other things.

5) I stressed out about some stuff without doing anything about it.

6) I read a spy novel in Hank's room while he fell asleep. If 1959 called and needed me to run some agents in the GDR, I could step right into the job, I am not even kidding.

7) I hid from the weather. It is such a crazy thunderstorm here, and I think I was traumatized by our most recent tree unpleasantness. I went into Matt's office and said, "A tree is going to fall on our house. Don't you think?" He said, "Well, there is no tree in any position to fall on one of the kids' rooms." This closed the matter, as far as he was concerned. There are, however, a number of candidates for falling on the sunroom. I became superstitiously convinced that it was going to happen, and I pictured myself lounging on the couch watching tivo at the moment of my death by tree-fall. This isn't like me; I never worry about long shot stuff like this (ha!), but I went and sat in the dining room until the storm passed.

8) Now it is quiet and our house is in one piece. Matt has made his nightly stovetop popcorn, so all must be right with the world.

Signing off. Mwah!


Amy said...

I'll do all your long shot worrying from now on-- you know I'm good at it!

Sounds like a good night to me! Except for the storm angst.I miss Trader Joe's taquitos...

Kelly said...

That storm was insane! Our whole house was shaking. Glad you made it without a tree falling through the sun room =)

WA said...

Sounds like too much action for me. I passed out at 8pm after watching "Real Housewives of DC" and I'm still tired.

gretchen said...

My big Friday night? I read to Jude then somehow accidentally fell asleep in his bed. I awoke about 1 and stumbled into my own bed. A lively time.

Rick Dakan said...

I'm in the GDR right now! I need some spies run...

Beth said...

Where were you last week when 1959 called ME?

I'm still LOVING the Lego Harry Potter. Quinn can't get enough of it. I do still love smashing things... I just blast everything I come into contact with. Quinn's favorite spell is Reducto, which is basically the master blasting spell. It will reduce crap to RUBBLE, girl, RUBBLE.