Sunday, November 8, 2009

November Is The New October

Chattahoochee River

Geese on the Chattahoochee


Or that's what it feels like. It was so warm and beautiful Saturday. The kids were wading and running around at nearly five in the afternoon. Matt's mom and brother Andy are here visiting us, and we went down to the Chattahoochee River. Andy took these pictures. Hank brought along that plastic sword, but he didn't actually brandish it at the geese. It was just there in case things got out of hand. Question for you ornithologists: The geese have been hanging around all over these parts for the last month or so. Are they migrating, or is this where they have migrated to?

Laura Pensive Yet Sassy


While we were playing and hanging out, Matt was drilling Laura on her multiplication tables. When she got one wrong, she had to run a lap. Don't think this was, like, parental tyranny. She loved it. Kids today.

Laura Regards Matt Right Back

And she needs the practice, because today she's running in her first 5K race, the culmination of her Girls on the Run club. GOTR is a great activity, I think. Have you heard of this? As Laura describes it, "It's just something where a bunch of gals run." You know, "gals."

Matt will go to the race with her, because at that exact time, I'm taking Hank to see The Wiggles with a bunch of people from his school. Hank doesn't even watch The Wiggles, but he's very excited, even though Laura has convinced him that one of the Wiggles is dead. I keep telling her that Greg the yellow Wiggle just left to pursue other opportunities. But she is adamant. Anyway, wish us ALL luck!


Anonymous said...

I was on an international flight with the Wiggles once - they wore their colours while travelling and all had matching back packs. Quite disturbing.

Amy said...

Hmmm, that is a bit strange. But I heart the Wiggles! We've seem them twice now, and the kids love it. They come across as genuinely interested in children and they sure give it their all. Have fun!

And no, Greg isn't dead, but he did get sick. I'll stop now, because I'm starting to sound a little weird.

And go Laura, go! Love the Girls on the Run idea.

Jenni said...

Lovely photos - good luck to all today!

Keely said...

It's unseasonably warm here, too. We spent the day in the park before X's nap, which is pretty unheard of in November around here.

"Girls (gals?) on the Run" sounds like a fantastic idea!

melondonkey said...

that lower photograph is at first glance just a picture of laura, but really the picture is about you as a mother: distant, strong, protective.

also, given that verification works are kind of a running joke in the comments here, check out:

Jane said...

Hope Laura did great in her 5K. Sounds like a wonderful program.

Becky said...

Thanks guys! She did great. And Hank and I wiggled ourselves.

Curiouslystrong, I wonder if they have to travel around in character so when children recognize them, they look like they're supposed to, instead of puffing on a cig? Hmmm.

Melon, that link: oh my goodness.

Anonymous said...

yeah!!! I led Girls On The Run for 2 seasons at my daughter's school. it was so much fun and they all finished the 5K.

Melissa said...

Great pictures. I always wanted to take the kids to see the Wiggles and never got to do it. I guess I've got one more shot with J. I'm so happy for Laura!!

Mad Woman said...

Those are beautiful pics!

The Wiggles are fun to see. We've been a couple times now. I miss Greg though...

Elle said...

I love these photos! I will restrain myself from telling my own story about the Chattahoochee. I will not refrain from saying geese scare me to death and I would be standing v close to the armed Hank.

Sara said...

She is such a beauty! I mean beautiful 'gal.'

That is so cool that you live by the actual Chattahoochee River.

I have to look into that GOTR. Sounds awesome!