Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Items

Matt and Hank

We are still up in the mountains, and I'm sitting and blogging in the little public library, where there is free wifi. Laura is reading a Bailey School Kids mystery book next to me, and she keeps saying, "Oh my GOSH!" Sometimes I shush her and sometimes not. Other members of the family are at the bakery, or the wine shop, or the playground. These places are all practically next door to each other.

I wanted to tell you guys about some new reading material, Remarkably Domestic. My friend Beth, who lives in LA, has started a blog to share some of the many tricks up her sleeve. Whereas, at my house, I have something mysterious stuck to the inside of my microwave--I mean, it is hardened on there--and I'm trying to decide if maybe I can just live with it, meanwhile, Beth has designed and built, with her child, a large sifter to clean her sandbox. Beth, since you're going to do the 30 Day Shred, I'm going to follow your lead and put our sandbox on the to-do list, deal? So do go over there and say hi to her. I've told her so much about you all and what nice people you are.

Speaking of the 30 Day Shred, I was all good intentions when I left home on Friday afternoon. I got to the mountain house and realized I had forgotten my DVD, my shoes, and my hand weights. One might wonder how much I really wanted to continue shredding? So I skipped Friday night, and then Saturday I went and bought another copy of the DVD for my sister-in-law Katie. She and my brother have been shredding with me. Or, really Dave did it the first night, then last night he just danced a crazy jig in circles around us, giving us tips on our form. Sure, that sounds really annoying, but it was actually much more annoying. It also made me laugh, which makes it hard to hold a plank pose. Here's the happy couple right here, at a little waterfall we went to.

Dave and Kate

Last night, we watched 300, that movie about the battle at Thermopylae. It had a few more flying, severed heads than I really wanted to see, but it was perfectly decent entertainment. And I am certain that those Spartans have been doing the 30 Day Shred. Because, damn. And they must be on day 9,000 of it. And that dude from "The Wire" plays the bad guy, and Faramir from LOTR is in it. So, good times.

Oh, and because I forgot my hand weights and didn't want to buy more, I have been using one mayonnaise jar and one can of spaghetti sauce.

Are y'all getting in holiday mode? Have a good one!


Beth said...

If you can guarantee that I will look like the female version of those guys from 300, I will fly out tomorrow and sift your sandbox. Thanks for the shout out!

Amy said...

Dave and Katie ARE adorable. Good on you for keeping up the shred--mayo and all! Miss y'all!

Michele Renee said...

I'm afraid I have re-labeled my dvd as "30-day Shred with Weekends Off". This is because I started doing them late at night and how exactly can I do that on a Sat or on busy Sun night??? So my day 10 or so as of last Fri is still day 10.
Oh, and I never wear shoes when I have shredded. I should though. Don't drop the can of spaghetti on your foot!
Looks like fun up in the mountains.

The Dental Maven said...

How very "Jack LaLane" of you to use the mayonnaise jar and the spaghetti sauce can!

Do you even know who Jack LaLane is or, um, was?

Michele said...

No shame anymore. The DVD came out of the case, into the player and actual worked out to. Now, my thighs are screaming at me. It that normal?

Now, I'm off to visit your over achieving but lovable friend.

Mad Woman said...

Thanks for the new reading material! I can't wait to read more of her stuff!!

I had to laugh at The Dental Maven's reference to Jack LaLanne because that's exactly what I thought when you said you'd been using jars and cans!

Keely said...

Are the mayonnaise jar and the spaghetti of equal weight? Because you don't want to be lopsided.

I'm pretty sure the guys from 300 didn't have anything to EAT.

Bex said...

being a bible geek, 300 drove me nuts! and i usually don't hold filmmakers accountable for inaccuracies.

i want to be where you are. no, not in a stalky- weird way, but in a jealous way. that place sounds and looks like a paradise!

Becky said...

I have heard of this Jack LaLanne, but I'll have to look him up to get the full picture. Maybe slightly before my time?

Yay Michele! Yes, your thighs are supposed to be screaming. Normal. Good on you!

Bex, you mean Thermopylae is mentioned in the bible? I seem to remember that Xerxes is. He cuts quite a fine figure in 300!

Maggie said...

I am so proud of you that you did not let forgetting your stuff keep you from shredding. Wow, that IS dedication!! Yall look like you are having a great time. Now that I have been there, I can picture it clearly. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. We have such a terrific fam that we have tons to be thankful for. Hugs to yall

The Messy Mom said...

absolutely getting in Holiday mode. At the hotel right now on our way to spend a week with my family.

Way to go with the shredding!

Bren said...

People, Jack Lalanne is still around. Man, he's cool. Really cool.

Funny you should mention 300, Beck. I haven't seen it but the guy whose workouts I follow was connected to that movie somehow. The workout I'm doing Monday (for my second 4 weeks), if I can actually get through it, is a beginner's 300 workout! So I'm sure I'll be ready to don a metal bikini and fight some Persians or whatever pretty soon.

Bren said...

Oh, and I'm with Maggie. You didn't let the lack of some supplies put you in Matt's group of "people who do not shred". High five, sport-o.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thanks for keeping us updated from the public library! Feeling totally unmotivated to plan for Thanksgiving - ahem - I have to do my shopping tomorrow, I'd better get on it.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

You are the Queen Improviser.

But you haven't heard of Jack LaLane? Girl! He had adverts in the back of all the comic books, promoting supplements to the boys on the beach who were kicked with sand by the bullies. Inspiring he was, that old Jack. God bless him and his wondrous carrot juicer.

Beth said...

I'm glad your public library there is cute-- ours here usually smells like BO and is either freezing cold or unbearably hot.

Andy said...

Can't wait to join you guys in a couple days. I shredded for a couple days, but ultimately wound up cherry-picking the moves I liked and adding them to the workout I already devised. Sorry, DVD Jillian Michaels! You can berate me for quitting some other time.

Also, 300 Fun Fact: the guy who played Xerxes was also the guy who played Paolo, one of the two annoying castaways who suddenly appeared in the third season of LOST.

Casey said...

You are so dedicated, shredding on vacation. Sheesh. Checking out your friend's blog now..