Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home Haircuttery

I don't quite know why my brother Dave brought his hair clippers to the mountain house, as he had a fresh haircut himself. But once they were on the scene, they were like the loaded gun in Chekhov's famous remark about playwriting and theatre. If you put a gun on stage, he said, before the play is over, that gun has to go off.

The Die is Cast

Last Saturday night, after a few whiskey-and-honeys, Matt and Dave began to discuss the idea of Dave cutting Matt's hair. But how short? That was the question. Then it seemed like a good idea for Matt to roll a die to pick the guard thingies that attach to the clippers. I hadn't taken much interest in the proceedings until there was an element of chance involved. He rolled twice, once for the top and once for the sides. He came up with a 6 and a 3, and we all decided that we could live with that.

Before the Haircut

Here's the before shot. As in, before Dave started cutting and also before he mentioned that he had never done this. Again, this piqued my interest in the proceedings considerably.

The First Cut

Now the sides.

Detail Work

Haircut, After

The "after" shot. We all thought it turned out quite well. Nice and short but no visible scalp. He did a great job around the ears, and I believe he used a #4 to blend the sides with the top. Cutting each other's hair: it's what dudes do, I guess. I give myself credit for urging them to wait until the light of day and sobriety to do the shearing. I think this should be a Thanksgiving tradition, as long as I never have to take a turn.


Michele said...

I've been cutting JR's hair for years. Sounds like the guys put more thought into then I do. Feathering? We don't need no feathering.

Jenni said...

I love this.

gretchen said...

I think he looks great. Does Dave want to come out here and cut Jude's hair? I'd make him a whiskey and honey.

Amy said...

I love that last picture! And the dice idea is hilarious. You never know what the fam will come up with. Our there anything he can't do? Matt looks good!

Casey said...

I think it turned out great! I cut Jamie's hair all the time with no attachment, he likes it short.

Mad Woman said...

Ha! What an awesome drinking game. I'll have to remember this. :)

The haircut is great. Much better than I do on either of my guys.

Mad Woman said...

Oh yeah....Hotty Hubby says that it would have been far funnier if they had rolled a 3 and then a 6. I tend to agree.

"So how would you like your hair today sir?"

"Oh y'know..long back and sides. Super short on top. Cheers!"

Amy said...

LOL that would be awesome!There's always next time!

Amy said...

I gotta say, all y'all just really know how to have a good time!!

I always think your daughter looks like you when you post pics -- but something about the long-hair shot of Matt made me go Hey, there's Laura! The eyes, I think...

Becky said...

Amy, I see a lot of her in him. As she gets older, though, I think she resembles me more. But yes, their eyes are the same shape.