Monday, November 9, 2009

Girls on the Lam

Everybody Gets a Medal!

She did it! Laura made it to the finish line at her Girls on the Run 5K on Sunday. (Matt and I call it "Girls on the Lam," because it sounds so badass yet madcap.) She says she ran most of the way and "barely walked at all," so I think that's pretty cool. She had fun, and still had enough energy to do my "30 Day Shred" workout with me. Youth.

Matt took these pictures of the action.

Girls on the Run 5K

Coming Back into the Stadium

Last Sprint

That's her running back into the stadium for the final leg. And here's the finish line in sight. I don't know if I could have covered that distance in 36 minutes.

Almost There


I love that picture for the contrast between the intense look on her face and the frilly hair accessories.

Fleet of Foot!

For this picture, I said, "Show me how you crossed the finish line!" So, though it is not a huge distance, we are mighty proud. And Hank also represented the family quite well at The Wiggles show, standing up and shaking his booty--he actually said, "I'm going to shake my booty, Mom"--for the entertainment of our entire row. That was a fun concert, and my, those Wiggles do it up right. My favorite part was when they all got in Western gear, complete with their color-coordinated spangly cowboy outfits, and sang and danced to "Old Dan Tucker." Well hello fabulous!


Michele Renee said...

You won't like this comment, but...she looks like 6th grade! Go girl, what a great race! And it was so gorgeous outside.
I did the shred at 10:00 p.m.last night. My 6th grader joined me. It was good!
What a great day for both kids!

Michele said...

Yay Laura!

Becky said...

I know, she does look older than 8!

Michele R, how is the shredding going??

Michele no R, have you taken the plastic off your DVD yet? :)

gretchen said...

LOVE the hair accessories. Next thing you know, she'll be growing her nails freaky long and decorate them with rhinestones.

Keely said...

Awesome job, Laura! I couldn't have run 5k in 36 minutes either - my fastest time was 45. Although it looks like her legs probably longer than mine. Already.

Amy said...

Go, Laura! I'm so proud of her. I've never done a 5K. She looked like she could keep running!

So glad you had fun at the Wiggles! Their rendition of "Old Dan Tucker" is one of my faves. Hank is hilarious. "I will now be shaking my booty." So cute!

Michele Renee said...

I bought the shredding dvd on Sat for $10 at Target-yeah! and then didn't get to it till Sun night. So it has only been one day!! But the level 1 went fine. I liked Jillian, and I watched Anita. Note to self: no jumping jacks unless bladder is totally empty. ;)

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Eight?! Really! Wow. I'm doubly impressed. Boston Marathon, here she comes!

Cassie said...

Woohoo, Laura! Great job. That looked like a really amazing event.

BTW, I think we have the same kitchen. Wall color, cabinets and perhaps even appliances.

Michele said...

Hanging my head in shame. Plastic is still on but it has come out of the closet. That should count for something.

Becky said...

Cassie, I bet we do have the same kitchen. I have the most standard issue kitchen there is. I keep wanting to update the cabinets, but I can't think of anything I'd rather have than white.

Michele, no shame! I did level 2 for the second time tonight, and it kicked my ass up and down the boulevard. Didn't help that while I was working out, Matt and the kids sat at the table eating cheese quesadillas and watching.

Ginny Marie said...

Those are some cute pictures! I loved running in grade school. I hope she keeps it up! (I haven't...)

I've the Wiggles are awesome in concert. I need to take my girls next time they are in town!

Ginny Marie said...

Oops, I skipped a word because I was typing so fast. I'll leave another comment to make you look really popular. (Because you ARE really popular, duh!)

I've HEARD the Wiggles are awesome in concert. :)

Mad Woman said...

YAY her! And wow, she's only 8? I thought she looked like 13!

Anyway...good for her! What a wonderful idea, that Girls on the Run. I wonder if they have something like that here.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Way to go Laura!!! Awesome. And I love the hair accessories.

Elle said...

I think there is a resemblance to you in her water-drinking photo. Smoosh yr face up and post it!

I have to tell you, Becky, that reading this & seeing these photos and feeling these feelings of, "Yeah! Girls on the Lam! Get on out there, Ophelia, and get yr blood pumping fiercely, little sisters!!" makes me feel even more crazy about what happened at my house the other day with the underpants danceman. Dude.

Amy said...

Good on her! And can I just say, I'm personally pleased that she obviously understands that accessories are key when it comes to timed events.

Casey said...

Go Laura, a 5K is nothing to laugh at!

I'm always knocking over the trash can midway down the driveway and then squealing as I pick up gross germ infested trash. Gross.