Thursday, April 2, 2009

Which Shoes? Help, Quickly!

Hey Friends! Need your help! We are invited to a party on Friday night--like, tomorrow--that is Burlesque-themed. I know, let's just bracket the fact that it might turn out to be a terrible disaster, and assume it will be really fun. I had never heard of such a thing, but here's the invitation.

In tiny letters there at the bottom, it says, "Mademoiselles, do not forget your feathers and corsets. Messieurs, please bring your top hats and vests." Ahem. Well, I'm interpreting this in more of a burlesque flapper direction, because I am not really equipped for wearing a corset. But I have a cute Nicole Miller dress that looks basically like a slip, or like an old-fashioned nightie. I probably won't have pictures of the whole ensemble until after it's all over, but I need help picking shoes. I was in TJ Maxx last night dithering among the high heels, and I realized that this is the reason I have a blog--that I was not alone and could seek your collective input. So I got to work photographing my top three choices and pretending that it was normal to be photographing one's feet in a discount store.

So picture this: the dress is black silk, in two layers, with spaghetti straps, knee length, and ivory lace on top and at the hem. It is shaped like a slip. I thought I would go with fishnet stockings (why not), and probably oh god a feather boa. Color to be determined. Any other accessory ideas? I'm hoping to steer a course that avoids stripper or dominatrix.

Please excuse the poor photo quality. Turns out it is difficult to find a good angle from which to photograph your own feet. Choice 1:

I really like these and they are not uncomfortable. I think the black and tan, spectator-pump quality gives them a look that would go with the period-dress thing. But I wonder if they're too normal. Like, I would definitely just wear these in normal life.

Choice 2:

These are higher than any heels I have ever worn. I think they are cute, but they may be just too much from an alternate reality for me. They're not as uncomfortable as they look, though. And when I put them on, I was like, "Oh, I get it about high heels!" They do do something to your legs and booty, let's be frank. Not sure they would go with the dress and stockings, but maybe if I got a red boa? I can't even believe I'm typing that.

Choice 3:

Okay, what these have going for them is that they are a comfortable low heel, and I think they look the most flapperish/period of all the choices. But are they a little witchy looking? And I don't know if they'll be flattering with the dress, the way that strap comes right across the ankle. I don't know.

Full disclosure: I bought choice one and three, but I can take them back. I left choice 2 on the shelf, but I can go get them. What do y'all think? Or do I need to just start over?

So, should be fun, no matter what my feet look like. Heck, with mom and dad coming down from the mountain house to stay the night with the kids, and actual adult fun happening, I could have a great time in white Keds. Matt is wearing a tux. And Kelly has an adorable outfit that I'm hereby encouraging her to blog about!

Any input is appreciated! I am sure that I will update you on how it all turns out.


the gazelle said...

I say no to shoe#3 - I don't think they're cute enough :)

I think #1 is the most practical choice - especially if they are comfy, because they'll work with your outfit (although it would be better if they were black & red, for a little more oomph) & can be worn to other non-burlesque events.

however, I love, love, love #3 - and with the fishets & a boa - FANTASTIC!

Kelly said...

I would go with choice two if you can handle that high of a heel all night!

And don't knock the red boa...wait til you see me tomorrow night!!!

Becky said...

Gazelle, you mean you love love choice 2? And are open toes okay with fishnets? Or are there not really rules for when one is wearing fishnets??

Bren said...

Burlesque. This sounds like a bachelor throwing a party hoping some chicks will show up in pasties and frilled panties with stockings buckled to them. Or a dude hoping some guys will show up dressed like Liza in Cabaret. No?

Anyway, I vote for the first ones. I can't bring myself to purchase shoes for a single event. And those are wearably cute, like you said, in "normal life". #2 looks more like salsa night. #3 would go with the whole theme, but do they then go straight to goodwill, or what? And they're only sexy in a Lisa Loebish way.

Either way, I recommend some crystal-studded false eyelashes.

I'm totally not a shoe person, though. I'm currently wearing my 1998 Birk clogs, so you may want to eliminate my vote.

Veronica said...

I am a fan of Choice 1, but this is partially my practical side coming out, because I think they're cute for the party outfit AND for other occasions.

But I also like Choice 2 with a flashy boa--why not go for it? How often do you go to a burlesque party?

I like the idea of the period-ness of Choice 3, but I think they're less flattering than the other 2 on your feet.

The Dental Maven said...

Dahhling! Absolutely, choice number 1!!!!!

Michele said...

I didn't know there was going to be a test. My favorites are #1 & #2. #1 says practicality and sexy to me. #2 say sexy. Go with 2 how many times can a mother of 2 get away with just plain sexy?

BTW, my word verification is "propbun" how does it know I'm a librarian?

Amy said...


#2 looks really fun if you think your feet won't die. I'm tempted to say go with those. (Here's what I might do...I'd wear #2, but take #1 with me in case my feet were killing me. I've worn heels that high and it's hurt my feet for a couple days after.)

But if not, wear #1. Those are very cute. Not a fan of #3--I'd return those babies!

And sorry--did you say Matt is wearing a TUX?? Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid no to number 3. Not sexy enough for burlesque. I vote for shoe 2 with the red boa. And I definitely want to see photo's. Oh, and I don't think there are rules when wearing fishnets.

Have fun.

Michele Renee said...

omg I have dinner burning on the stove as I write this. I say #1 because they seem to go with the look. I have seen boas of all colors at Michaels crafts. And where is the chit chat about the hair!!!!!! I say make the hair and bracelets fab and no one will even see the shoes!

delaine said...

I would go with three and a black boa and those black beads you have.see you tomorrow.

SJN said...

I like shoe choice #1, and great if you can wear them again!
get a boa and some flashy jewelry too. I can't wait to see the pics from this evening with you and Kelly and the guys all decked out! ps... I helped w/ her costume

Robin said...

Definitely #1. They are hip, chic, sexy and you can wear them again!

Becky said...

I ask for quick input and you guys do not disappoint! And "only sexy in a Lisa Loebish way" has got to be the most devastating judgment ever handed down about any aspect of fashion. I love it. And I think I agree. The more I look at the third pair, the more not cute they seem. The patent leather might be putting choice number 1 across the finish line for me. That and the fact that they complement the dress a little more.

I think there is a naked ostrich walking around somewhere, because I just bought a buttload of feathers. At Michael's I got a red boa and a black boa to intertwine, and I got this adorable headband (that you wear around your forehead) with a couple of plumes coming off of it. I love that look--I think I missed my era. I also got a few different colors of fishnets to try. Thanks, Party City! So we'll see!

Anonymous said...

I may not be style maven but I am SO all about the footwear and thank you for providing this opportunity to weigh in on such a crucial decision!

Burlesque isn't streetwalker, so #2 is out. #3 might be close, but I'm with Bren and you'd have to wear them straight to goodwill. I'm voting for #1... and I can't wait to see the whole 'lesque looque photo!!

Keely said...

I'd go with #2, unless you're planning to wear them again (which, y'know, with the economy and all - practical), then #1. #3 are too granny.

Sounds like fun! Burlesque is making a comeback, apparently...

Jane said...

For me, #1 edges out #3 by a narrow, narrow margin. Mostly it wins by being partially black (the dress is black, right?) instead of navy.

BTW, I am NOT trying to steer a course that avoids stripper or dominatrix. :-)

Kate said...

Am I seriously the only woman that is going to suggest buying all three pairs of shoes?? We're not talking Jimmy Choo here and I come from the school of thought that a woman cannot have too many sexy shoes in her closet. Definitely go back and buy shoes #2. They are hot. If you don't wear them to the party you could pair them with a pair of denim slacks and a casual top. Shoes #1 would be great for the party because they're sexy but won't overtake the dress. Shoes $3 are just fun and would make you smile when you look down at your feet.

Oh, and you should totally wear fake eyelashes. They will make you look and feel fab!

Maggie said...

Beck, you must post a picture of you and Matt in your party attire. I am sure that yall will be the best looking couple there. Hope yall have great fun. Hugs to all.

Sara said...

I love the photos, and your feet are quite cute! Lucky!
Fake eyelashes, yes! Fire engine red lipstick perhaps? Gloves?
Can't wait to see the final reveal.

A Day That is Dessert said...

#1 is my first choice; #3 my second. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you picked but I hope you bought the first two. The first ones are gorgeous and sounds like the best match for the theme and the dress. The second ones are amazine, but limiting. The third ones, not so much. Don't leave us hanging!

Anonymous said...

And how was Paris?