Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daughter-Dog Exchange Program

You know how your hands are constantly reaching towards your children, to touch, feel, and squeeze them? Those kids need frequent tweaking, adjusting, and patting. It's fun to just love on 'em, as we say in the South. I gather that some people feel that way about dogs too. Like they, the dog lovers, delight in petting and scratching and showing affection to their animals. They just enjoy touching them. I think that is beautiful and healthy, but I am not that person.

This morning, Matt's mom Betty took Laura off on a spring break trip to Boston and Providence. In Laura's place, she left her Springer Spaniel, Buddy, to stay with us until they get back. He is a lot younger than our dog. Our beagle, Percy (who is a girl--my brother named her after a Florida Gators wide receiver) is sort of middle-aged, very low-maintenance, and possibly suffering from low self-esteem issues. I think if she could characterize her relationship with us, it might be:

Hey, I know that we've all made choices that have led us to this point, and maybe it's not exactly how we pictured our lives turning out, you know? Why don't we just live together as roommates? I don't need much. Just keep it kinda mellow, notice me sometimes, and I'll need to be let out to bark at the rabbit scourge. Thanks and see ya around.

Buddy the Springer Spaniel is a big boy with a broad back, a sort of Prince Valiant hairdo, and a freckled, earnest face. I think if he could talk to me, it would be more like:

Oh, HEY, what up? Wait, YOU like to sit on the couch? I love to sit on the couch! AND you like popcorn? That's like my favorite thing! OMG, so funny, we are like twins!! Awesome, we should do this more. Say, do you, like, need your feet right now, 'cause I'm gonna put my butt on 'em.

Matt remarked that having Buddy with us is like having a dog. I'm not sure I would say the same for Percy the Beagle, Daughter of Time. So it will be interesting. This morning Betty and Laura left at 6:30 to get to the airport, and Buddy made a mournful circuit of the house, looking for his mistress, before coming to my bedside, putting his face right next to mine, and whining in the pre-dawn gloom. I patted him and petted him, but clearly I wasn't doing something right. So he walked down the hall, shouldered Hank's door open, and looked for Betty in there, whining all the time. Hank was only too happy to wake up and talk to him. Grumble. So we were all up early, Hank and me and a lot of dogs.

So maybe it's the sleep deprivation, but it was very hard to not title this post "Doggy Styles." Restraint, people. That's what I have. Restraint and decorum out the whazoo.

Have a lovely Thursday.


Michele said...

Nice restraint, LOL!

We have two different doggy styles (hee hee)around here. Tripper the Corgie, greet you once in the am then nap and Nessa the crazy Goldendoodle, greet/pester/pet/lick

Bex said...

doggy styles - i love it!

my sheila has a very low esteem and poor manners. but she's gorgeous and sweet. much like myself :-)

Cassie said...

Doggy Styles... heh heh.

They both sound like sweethearts, though I will admit that Percy's M.O. is more my speed as well. I consider myself an animal lover-- from afar.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your time with Buddy and that he allows you all to sleep past the crack of dawn for the remainder of his stay at the Chateau Suburban Matron.

The Dental Maven said...

Nothing makes a dog happier in a dogsitting situation than a few healthy slices of raw steak! Give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Poor you, just like having small children again - no sleep and lots of whining. I think you should throw restraint to the wind next time!

Casey said...

Damn dogs trying to rob you of your sleep. We have two dogs and they'll intentionally stand up and shake off in their crates over and over when THEY think it's time to wake up. So not cool.

Enjoy the downtime with one less kid!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Sounds like a challenge Becky! Well told.

Ginny Marie said...

I am definitely a Percy-type dog person. I loved your doggy dialogue!

Keely said...

Hahhahah! I love your dog monologues. One is our dog when we got her, and the other is her after we crushed her spirit. Now she's all, "Oh, well, I'm just going to try to stay the hell out of your way and not get yelled at and maybe that short person will throw me more than my usual six pounds of food today".

Amy said...

You are all about the restraint and decorum.

Both of those dogs are super sweet, but as you know I ain't really a dog person. That's why I like cats, who kind of look at you like, "Did I tell you that you could pet me? Get off my couch."

Hopefully you won't have such an early start today!

Anonymous said...

and just THINK what further googling entertainment that title would have provided for your next post...

And I'm with you. I like dogs okay, not so crazy but okay. And since I often feel compelled to wash my hands after petting one, I do little of that. So I'm definitely the Percy-style fan.

And while we're at it, what's with "doggy kisses," aka dog-spit-on-my-face? No. Thank you.

Sara said...

Ah, Fraught! I was too afraid to admit that I have to wash my hands right after petting a dog or cat, too! I always have to do it nonchalantly around my inlaws and their 'puppies,' the insanely spoiled shihtzus. How dare I insinuate that they aren't immaculately clean.

Doggy styles: ha! You hit the nail on the head!