Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blind Date

Has it happened to you that you've seen someone you know only slightly, or only know of through a mutual acquaintance, but it's someone you've barely ever spoken to, and that person has said, "Oh, I read your blog! I love it!" when you never dreamed that she would even would care that you had a blog, or would care to read it, and then after the thought, "Oh, that's so sweet! How flattering!" comes the thought, "Oh dear, I am so much less interesting than my blog." So you want to hug her around the neck for expressing her appreciation even as you're thinking, "Prepare to be bored, honey!"

You still with me? Right. But looky loo, internets! I met The Stiletto Mom last week, and SHE is even funnier, warmer, and more charming than her blog. Bitch.

Stiletto Mom et Moi

I kid! I was thrilled to get to meet her. She came through Hotlanta for work, and I got to to have dinner with her. My first bloggy blind date! Y'all, I straightened my hair for her. That's how excited I was. When I was walking up to the restaurant, I saw a very dejected woman, hunched on a bench, angrily smoking a cigarette and obviously waiting for someone. I could tell she was waiting because she kept checking her phone and then huffing loudly while looking up at the sky. I thought, "Um, is that Mary Anne? 'Cause she looks REALLY different from what I expected." Total blind date panic moment.

But of course it wasn't Mary Anne (she lets me call her Mary Anne, y'all). The real Mary Anne was totally adorable and waiting at the bar (duh). And she even had on the embroidered jeans from this post. That was weirdly exciting, like if you met Abe Lincoln and he was wearing his big stovepipe hat. Okay that's the worst comparison ever, but you get me. Maybe more like if you met Jon Armstrong, aka Blurb, and he was wearing Crocs. The jeans are way hotter, of course.

And we had such a nice time! I am amazed at all this woman has got going on, and she still finds time to have such an active blog life. She has been blogging for less time than I have, but somehow she knows everyone and everything. We talked nonstop for like three hours, and we could have gone on for many more. There were several things I didn't get to ask her, mostly about clothes, boys, and the Twilight books.

Seriously though, I want her to post over here about some of her suburban matronly experiences. She has room mom war stories that would turn your hair white. And so much to say about work/life balance and marriage and parenting and more. Mostly I just wish she lived closer, and I'm beginning an active lobbying campaign in that direction. It is so fun and different to meet someone you've been following from afar. I would love to get together with more of my blog friends, so anybody else passing through? I tried to get Mary Anne to agree to start a blog feud with me, but we couldn't really think of anything controversial enough to disagree about. Maybe next time?

Oh, and in addition to straightening my hair, I put on eyeliner. Mary Anne, all for you, honey!


Bex said...

you are so lucky you got to meet the stiletto mom! i live in the same state as her- yet, haven't had the pleasure of stalking her IN PERSON.

i loved that post with her embroidered jeans. they are very popular here in TX - are they popular in GA?

i was in atlanta for six hours last week. if i had known you were there i would have seen if we could have hooked up (and i mean that in the old way, not the early ott's teen way of hooking up.) (i heart you but i don't want to get freaky with you). (that's what she said!).

Michele said...

OMG! You are so lucky.

I'm hoping to meet Mary Anne when I move to Texas. It will be my brush with greatness.

I'm sure I'll make a dork of myself. I usually do.

Cassie said...


I wish I had known you when we lived in Charlotte two years ago, Becky. We were just a hop, skip and a jump from Hotlanta and visited several times. I have no plans to be down that way anytime soon but hey, the next time you drive to Canada and want to swing by Ann Arbor my door is open. ;)

PS: I reserve the eyeliner for my very best friends/acquaintances/girl crushes also. Hot.

The Dental Maven said...

That is so FREAKIN' COOL!!! Ain't this bloggin' thing the bomb???

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Becky, so glad you got to meet our Texas Rose. She's a total hoot. We had our own blog-blind date several months ago, thank GOD. If it weren't for her, I'd still be putting links in my title and posting without pictures. Hooray for stiletto mom. If you make it down our way, we'll do a menage a blog.

The Messy Mom said...

I get it, I really do not on that level (I am definitely a rookie). I have a couple friend of a friend type lurkers and have gone to events knowing that they read my blog and I get really nervous about being boring, or not thrifty enough, or worried about repeating stuff that they already would know about me if they have read it online.

Casey said...

Wow, I've never met a real life blogger before. It's so weird to see two people whose blogs I read in one pic. I'm glad you guys had fun!

The Stiletto Mom said...

One thing you guys should know...Becky is every bit as wonderful in person as she is on her blog. Maybe even more so, because she is so PURDY in real life and smart and funny to boot!

Love her...if you guys ever get the chance to meet her, take it!

Keely said...

I'm jealous. Of you both. Now I must start plotting.

Geography isn't my strong suit, do you think I can pop by after work some day? Or should I leave it for a weekend?

FoN said...

That is super cool. There are TONS of people I would really love to meet. I really need to get to BlogHer next year. Not that many of you are probably dropping by Saskatchewan anytime soon.

Amy said...

Fun! Sounds like y'all had a great time. Gotta love the internets! And Beck, you are AT LEAST as interesting in person as you are in blog life. ;)

Michele Renee said...

I could feel the blind date jitters and it's so neat that the date was a hit. I think I would have needed some notice so I could do the 30 day shred, get me some Crest Whitestrips, a manicure, etc.

Anonymous said...

You two were obviously made for each other. Now all I need is to find some UK bloggers that I don't know or convince everyone else to come to the UK and I'll be happy!

A Day That is Dessert said...

lucky you!! looks like fun.

Lynn said...

How fun, that you got to meet each other and that you hit it off!

Your hair? Looks gorgeous, by the way.