Friday, March 1, 2013


laura blue jacket
Laura J Bean, as she is called.
Y'all, there is just so much living, so much, and it is just going by, going on by.

This won't do at all. I'm at risk of slipping into the Unexamined Life. Yesterday I emailed Elizabeth and I said something like, sometimes I get the urge to blog but then I think, "Well, THAT happened last week and I didn't blog about that so I can hardly pick up with this mundanity." Some kind of total bullshit like that.

Let's reconnect. I'll blog every day in March and maybe I'll work my way around to the really important mundanities. I mean, there is just so so much tennis to tell you about and also rats in our attic. Honestly, it's a rich tapestry over here.

A big milestone this week was Laura's 12th birthday. Huge. My neighbor wished me a "Happy Birthing Day," and I thought, whoa. That day I spent having that little baby was twelve years ago. And then, conversely, I thought, "Wait, Laura is a whole entire personality and is one of the more intricate parts of creation and she is only twelve?" Most of my sheets are older than that. I have a lot of things older than that.

So I had told her once, long ago, that she could get her ears pierced when she was twelve. You know, one of those parenting-as-random-number-generator moments. She filed that away, and then she pulled out the file and reminded me daily for the last three months. I told her, you know, just because you're turning twelve doesn't mean you have to get your ears pierced. You could wait. Well when I said that I wasn't aware that she was the absolute last person on earth without pierced ears, and there would be no more waiting. So we gathered up two of her besties and off we went.

Then we shopped and ate dinner and were all very satisfied with ourselves.

She came home from school on the actual day of her birthday and said that her friends had decorated her locker, covering it with wrapping paper and taping candy to it, and that she had been sung "Happy Birthday" to seven times, once by each class period, so I think she felt pretty celebrated.

Matt asked her to stay eleven, and she refused. I remember him asking her to stay three. I don't know where the time has gone, but it can slow the heck down please.

So now you're up to speed on Recent Birthdays and Rites of Passage. I'll be back tomorrow. xoxoxo


Christian said...

Oh, yay! On February 28, I just had a hunch that March would be a good month. And now, with more daily servings of Suburban Matron, it will be!

Marsha said...

Every day? EVERY DAY?! Oh, the pressure. Nevertheless, I'll try to keep up. Given that I just posted for the first time since November, well, we'll see.

My girl just turned 9 and was also rewarded with ear piercing.I had suggested waiting until 13, but confirmed that she was, indeed, the last girl in third grade without them so caved early. I admire your stamina.

Star said...

Sweet. Happy B-Day to Laura. (I realized that I have shirts and other favorite articles of clothing that are LOTS older than Laura and probably even some of my colleagues....)

delaine said...

Oh, happy news! You're blogging again! I like the prospect of 31 blogposts. I'm sure your recounted episodes of your life will be entertaining and far from mundane. As for Laura. I , too, can hardly picture her as a twelve year old. I still see the Laura of yore with fifteen fat little chins all tucked on top of her neck. That same long graceful neck that holds those beautifully pierced ears up. What a joy Laura is in our lives! As you as too, Becky.
Now, onward and upward. We must hear your saga of the rats!

Common Household Mom said...

Woohoo! Blog posts every day? My world just got immeasurably better.

That person doing the ear person does not look to be older than 10 years old. The world is changing.

etheljr said...

I love it when you run a monthly special. I was just starting to experience some winter doldrums and you snapped me right back. Happy birthday to your lovely girl...she radiates confidence and smarts.

AlGalMom said...

Glad you're back :)

Elizabeth said...

Well, I'm just so glad that I clicked my heels! And I'm grateful that you're going to be here in all your suburban glory for a whole month.

Lecia said...

Happy birthday/birthing day to you all. xo

Jane said...

What a lovely young woman Laura is becoming. Her pictures always strike me as smart and self-possessed. Looking forward to hearing more from you in March!

KristerT said...
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KristerT said...

I love when you post pictures of your daughter - she looks so lovely, and so full of fun. But I am dying, laughing, at the ear piercing photo, both that you caught the exact moment of "OHH!" and that the ear-piercing professional looks all of 16. Don't you need a license to poke holes in people? :)

Anonymous said...

The girl in the boots reminds me of my daughter, in a look-book way.

Happy birth day to you both. Twelve seems big, like I am getting worried I may be losing track of all the pre-requisites she needs. Already, when she broguht in the mail the other day & reported I got a maxi-pad sample in the mail, I said, "I don't want it. You take it." Her response was "...."

I said, "Save it for a bloody day, now get out of here, I'm busy." But while this was going on, I was thinking, Wait! Idk what she wants to use! We need to have it here!

(wo)Man. See what I mean?