Sunday, March 24, 2013

And I Thought Everyone Majored in Communications Now

Matt and I signed up to play mixed doubles tennis together in a flex league--where the system pairs us with opponents and we schedule our own matches, some home and some away--and play starts this week. We are supposed to play one match roughly every week or two weeks. Next week is spring break around here, so though we have until April 8 to play this first match, I thought our first opponents would want to get it played in the next few days. Now, the protocol is that the home team contacts their opponents and suggests a few possible dates. For our upcoming match, we aren't the home team, but I decided to reach out first, because not everyone is fully tuned in to when league play begins and they might need a nudge, and whatever.

So I sent a chirpy little note, something like: Hi guys! I know you're the home team, but I was wondering if y'all might want to squeeze in our match before we all disappear for spring break. Any chance Tuesday,  Wednesday, or Thurs nights might work for you guys? Looking forward to it, just let me know!

Sunshine! Hearts! Flowers!

The wife of the couple wrote back, and this is the entire email:
Becky, our sons have baseball games on Tuesday and Thursday night. Wednesday we have church group at our house. Sorry.
That's it? Sorry? SORRY. Heh omgWTF??!!1

Maybe this is too far up the behiney of our particular circumstances for you guys to get what a dumb-cluck, pointless response this was. I wanted to write back, okay, what about the part where you offer some alternate times? Like Kramer on Seinfeld when he pretended to be the Moviefone: "Why don't you TELL me when you'd like to play tennis?" Or why don't you in any way understand the business we're conducting here? Or just DO YOUR FREAKING JOB AS A PERSON?

And the frustrating thing is that it is still her job to schedule this match. Does she not know this? She basically rebuffed my attempt to get us started in this process. Is this going to be a case where she waits too long and then expects me to rearrange our schedule to accommodate her lack of planning? For the love.

This is right in the wheelhouse of things that drive me crazy and therefore may not be intelligible to others, I don't know. But I swear, reading her note was super DUPER irritating, because she made me feel like I was bothering her or asking her a favor. The favor of playing this match she signed up to play. God!

We are squarely in the realm of My Issues, because even now, hours later, Reader, I am so annoyed by this. It's like, you don't have to be the Homecoming Queen, but it is possible to be so bad at social labor that it just turns me right against you. And it's hard to recover, though not impossible.

I mean, is it me or is it her? It's her right?


The way this works is that we are going to beat them one way or another, hopefully by playing tennis--I looked at their last season and they never won a match--but possibly by forcing them to appear at some inconvenient default play time or else forfeit. I don't know. But GEEZ.

Okay I'll simmer down now.

So I wrote right back to her and said that I understood completely and that I would wait for her to get back to us with some times when they were available. I restrained myself from telling her the ball was in her court.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? xoxo


Aimee said...

Yes, I *completely* get it. Communicate, communicate, communicate!! Gah.

AlGalMom said...

I need "DO YOUR FREAKING JOB AS A PERSON" on a t-shirt.

I get your frustration. I am also squirming b/c I would totally wait until the last minute to schedule something like this, and inconvenience everyone in the process. Sorry. Sorry for that lady and me and everyone like us. We are the sand in the gears that make the world go 'round.

Steve said...

Perhaps this is part of her PSYOPS plan. If so, it may be working?

Becky said...


Amy said...

Dealing with things like this constitutes about 38% of my life, so I totally understand. But maybe she's stressed or busy, or typed that email while sitting at a red light and didn't mean to sound so snippy. Or maybe she had a bad day where everyone was asking for something from her, and your email felt like just one more thing. Give her one more chance!

See? This is how I have to talk myself down.

Becky said...

Yes, OKAY AMY, GAH :), you're right, and you know I do talk myself down. I'm sure that when we meet, we'll make a love connection.

It wasn't so much her abrupt or snippy tone that was frustrating, it was the functional blockage it presented.

But on my fb page I just got accused of "dreadful misuse of trendy and idiomatic phrases when plain English would be better," so you know, you guys might want to find a different blog to read where the writer doesn't chase so vainly after the quicksilver glories of trend and idiom, AND is less peevish. Your call! LOL

Amy said...

On the other hand, she could be a total bee eye tee see aitch.

But yeah, I think I'm gonna start reading more of those Plain English blogs. Your posts are always so cryptic! And hard to understand!

Kate said...

I totally get it. I schedule lacrosse games for our girls league, and have interactions such as this with not only the schedulers, but with parents. My favorite was, "My [middle school]daughter can not attend the game and play goalie because she is going to the elementary school's 'fun day'." This came the morning of a big away game, forcing us to cancel because we didn't have enough players. Or, "my daughter wants to play but she has a conflict with practices [as in, can't come to any?!] and can only come to 50% of the games." Only my family has to hear my rants since I don't usually blog about it. And my kids may have heard a bad word in these cases, maybe two. These are probably issues with consideration, but still. Functional blockage!!! By the way, that was one of my favorite Kramer moments.

Anonymous said...

oh, i so totally get that! people like this make people like us seem to be a crazy and neurotic...whatever...great post, i was laughing and frustrated right alongside you all at the same time!

Camp Papa said...

There is so much on the interwebs that needs correction. You might feel privileged that he had time to help you.

puncturedbicycle said...

I wanted to enjoy this blog post but then there was all the really dreadful misuse of idioms and obfuscation and I had to stop reading and lie down in a darkened room.

David said...

"Dreadful misuse"?! You should have have known better when you accepted the request from "fusty dowager in a Wharton novel." Or was it Dame Judy again? She's got a feisty FB presence from what I hear.

Christian said...

I am sorry that my college friend found your blog via my facebook page, and I regret that he decided to call you out, someone he's never met, for injustices against language on the internet. But howdy-ho, the two of us here in Korea sure enjoyed that little exchange you had with him.

Becky said...

Christian, then if I have brightened the expats' day, my work is done! I truly enjoyed it too, I'm not just saying that. And his point is not without merit.

Beth said...

OMG must get to FB page now

Kelly said...

This just annoyed me so much haha what is wrong with people? How did this end? I hope you beat the pants off them.

Becky said...

Well, we tried and tried to schedule them and finally they forfeited and we won the division. :)