Sunday, March 17, 2013

Highlight Reel

What tennis looked like today:

Mah ladies.
What it looked like only THREE DAYS AGO:

Even with the terrible blur you can see that I am fully bundled.
Yes, our long hibernal nightmare may be over. Temperatures shot up the last few days, and it was a totally glorious weekend. Heading out to play tennis today, I felt lucky to be strong and alive. The luck o' the Irish indeed. Even though Pretty Neighbor and I lost, it still felt like a great way to spend a day.

Notice the matching outfits on my girls up there. They totally didn't plan that, but I told them we need to pair them together one week, and that would be the Most Annoying Ladies Doubles Partnership Ever.

I bet someone would go home and start a blog about it.

Another highlight: Matt's cousin and her family blew through town and spent the night with us. It was good to get the kids together with their cousins.

See how the back door is open? Heaven.
Hank and Wade, age 8, were playing in the book room, and I overheard Hank say, "You know, you're really good at Legos." Respect. Then Laura flat-ironed CJ's hair and put shimmery eye-shadow on her. The adults ate a pot of stew, drank a bottle of wine, and very efficiently downloaded a lot of life information. A successful cousin meeting by any stretch.

I haven't heard any skittering in the attic in days. Either the creatures are all neutralized, or they're up there, waiting for us to get comfortable.

Both Saturday and Sunday mornings, Matt arose at the crack of doom to take Laura to her eternal and never-ending swim meet. He did not repine, because he knows that, with me, his name will be written in the Book of Life.

Jesus on the mainline, tell him what you want.



gretchen said...

Please tell me that your friend played tennis with that baby clasped to her chest. Good boy Matt. Yeah, I'm hoping that early morning swim meets will be my fast track to heaven. That and of course just being married to Jimmy in general.

Becky said...

Ha! That baby: at one point while Kelly was playing, Kelly's husband Lincoln was holding him and he was fussing, just a low-grade baby squawking, and fearing that Kelly would feel worried or lose focus, I said to Lincoln, "You need to take that baby and go where she can't see you." And he did and Kelly won her match. But she woulda won anyway, probably, because she is a stone cold pro. And Lincoln is pretty good at baby-calming.

Michele said...

Our weather warmed up nicely while I was freezing my rear off in Arlington, VA last week.

How nice of Matt to do limo duty in the early hours. JR would have also but than I could never count of the kids getting there if it had been held at a place he'd never been before. The man can get lost in a brown paper bag, god bless him.

Hootie said...

God bless him.

Life on The Rowland Ranch said...

You have the coolest sneaks ever!