Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Science

Are you curious about what happens when you drop a smoke bomb into a glass of water? The SubMat family bravely carried out that very experiment last week and I give you the results here. Please forgive the odd moment when I turned my iphone sideways while recording.

Does this count as a vlog? Am I a vlogger?

What are y'all up to? Except for our trip to the hardware store yesterday, I have not left the house. Last night the Hamiltons came over, and we had Mexican takeout and played a card game Matt made. Speaking of science, today I taught Laura how to clean a toilet. Then I showed her how to use Spotify. (Guess which one she liked better?) Actually, an old post of mine about the proper way to clean a toilet still gets Google traffic every day. Yet Klout continues to say that I'm influential on "parenting, Manhattan, photography, and shoes." What the hecks, Klout? Why are you so blind to my toilet influence? I've now blogged about toilets like three days in a row. (Sorry.) I mean, Manhattan? I did go there one time.

So Laura and I tackled the bathrooms today, then I vacuumed the downstairs, getting the baseboards and all the corners where it turns out Fabienne had been kinda half-assing it. Yes Virginia, there is such a thing as vacuuming under a couch. Then I cooked a chicken. Then I jumped on the trampoline with Hank and pulled a muscle. Now I'm reading a library book. I know it is boring, but I said I would blog every day and this is what happens.

Shall we reconvene tomorrow?


Elizabeth said...

I'm impressed with the vlog. I happen to despise the word "vlog" but now that you're doing it, I'm going to reframe my thoughts.

I am literally thrilled that you're blogging every day -- what are you reading?

gretchen said...

You now definitely qualify as a vlogger. I just like saying the word "vlog". And I'm impressed by the documentation of the science experiment. This is something my Daddy would have approved of.

This Klout thing puzzles me. I don't seem to be able to sign on to it, which makes me not like it. Should I try again?

Cassie said...

I love the vlog! The Four Alarm Fire experiment is impressive. I especially like Laura's British accent at the beginning of the video.

Klout! Is this new? I had not heard.

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

I am ashamed to say...It looks like something I would drink at a lounge somewhere.

Klout says I'm influential about soylent green. I don't even have words for this. No, wait, I do have some words. I think they are "what the heck?!"

You? Blogging? Everyday? It's like finding out I won something. Something good. Not one of those Colonial Insurance can openers.

Aimee said...

Klout confusion here, too. Must look into it. Of course, my new blog probably hasn't been around long enough to be noticed.

Day-to-day stuff is good. It's what makes a good blog, I think.

Well, that, and science experiment vlogging. It's a must.

KathyS said...

Wow, the backlog of reading I had while you've been blogging every day, and I've been traveling up to where temperatures are reasonable (FYI, it was a looooooong drive)!

I have not yet looked at your cleaning-the-toilet post, mostly because I don't want to find out that I'm doing it wrong and have to re-learn. 'Cause I'm slow to change, and stubborn like that ...

Beth said...

I'm impressed that you even came up with that science experiment. I would've figured the smoke bomb would've just fizzled out in water. And by the way, what are you doing with smoke bombs?

Beth said...

OK, I just checked my Klout, and they have no topics for me. I guess I'm influential about nothing.

My Kids' Mom said...

I enjoyed hearing your voice. Makes your writing seem more real.

Amy said...

That smoke bomb was so cool! I need to show that to Nate...right up his alley.

Laura is really tan! Gotta love summah!