Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Daily Blog

BeckBloPoMo rolls on. (That's Beck's Blog Posting Month for those of you just joining us.) Let's do this blog post.

Last night Matt and I stayed up pretty late priming the main room in the basement. Until 4:00, I believe. We have a five-gallon bucket of primer and a lot of unpainted drywall. I got one of those little square pads that are good for edging, or "cutting in" as the pros insist on calling it even though nobody's dancing, and I edged/cut in everywhere. Then we both went to work with rollers. Turns out that using a long roller engages the muscle that I'd pulled a week ago, and which had slowly gotten better until I did a bunch of painting. Now there are certain positions that I can't get into and out of without making exaggerated grimaces. It's also a muscle that hurts when I sneeze or laugh. Or, I guess, sob, but nothing has gotten that bad yet.

Interlude: Before our painting work began, Matt came to where I was sitting on the couch, minding my own blogness. He said, "In a minute can you come down to the basement and hold the flashlight and not tell me that what I'm doing is crazy?"

While he said this, he was wearing knee pads.

Reader, I was intrigued. I told him I was fine with the first part, but that I wasn't sure what might come out of my mouth in the heat of the moment. It turns out that he was cutting more sheetrock but I can't talk about it.

Go now and get a drink from your fridge before Matt hangs sheetrock over it.

So, priming. Which is like painting only nothing is pretty afterwards. We got the main room finished and could have started the bathroom, but our trays were empty and it was late/early. You know, it was fine. I sound kind of negative right now, for no real reason. This morning I was rather draggy and tired. And all day I just felt a little, I don't know, flat.

It caused me to reflect on the fact that usually, I feel really, really good. Almost euphoric, even. I haven't talked about this. But I have wondered sometimes, especially in the last year or so, if I have some kind of mental issue or problem that causes me to feel better or happier than is strictly warranted. I think of it as my irrational exuberance. I do know to be grateful for this. It's odd, though. I always feel as though something wonderful is just around the corner, that something good is building. Somehow this coexists with, or is maybe sharpened by, the occasional dread and worry I feel about things. Is this a chemical thing? Is this just what we call being happy? Blogging-induced narcissism? (Prob-uh-blee.)

It's possible that I'm crazy from sleep-deprivation.

ANYHOO. So, we were up late priming, priming like crazy. We were prime as goats, hot as monkeys...ho ho! Shakespeare references are fun.

Sleep deprivation.

So all day I was a little flat and didn't want to do anything, and indeed not much got done. In the afternoon, Pretty Neighbor texted me and asked if we were going to get together for our workout. I had been hoping she would forget my phone number. But I could only say yes. So we did, even though I thought I was too tired and my muscle was too sore. I have an injury! But it was fine. And the workout made me feel good. And then we drank a beer.

And then I came home and Matt's mom was here, and we took Hank to the store and got him an icee, and I came home and made red beans and rice with sausage. And other stuff happened and it was all fine.

So this is a story of how I felt a little run down but basically fine. Brought to you in living color by daily blogging. See, this is the kind of stuff that winds up on the cutting room floor when I'm not blogging every damn day.

Now I really want to get horizontal but I'm actually going to go down and see if I can help Matt. Let's talk tomorrow.


Aimee said...

You, Dr. Becky, are ca-razy. For sure, but in a good way. 6:30 am? 4:00 am?? And you're going back for more?

Then again, I could probably use a dose of the ca-razy, myself, so I could manage to actually accomplish something around here...

effie said...

personally I think irrational exuberance is a gift. In order for me to feel that way I need to drink a bottle of wine.

Beth said...

Blogging every day suits you, my friend. I loved your refrigerator comment.

Elizabeth said...

I'm shaking my head about now, slightly worried about all of it. The lack of sleep, what you're actually doing, the flatness, the normal joy and exuberance -- I don't know what to think to tell you the truth. :)

I thought of you today, though, as I perused my House Beautiful magazine. They had a feature on tiny houses and spoke of people who were actually building them as WRAP STATIONS.

I think this should be your next project.

Amy said...

Beckblopomo--catch the fever!!

Flatness--def sleep deprivation, and maybe fumes? Y'all ventilating down there in the Basement of Love?

About the exuberance, please share your secret. I'm anxious too much of the time, which I'd like to blame on genetics, but youve gone and shot that theory!

Star said...

I thought the flashlight comments were the funniest in this post 'til I got to the one about the fridge. That made me giggle out loud. Thanks!

My Kids' Mom said...

And after the beer you didn't fall flat on your face into bed?

gretchen said...

Hmm... I can't remember the last time I felt joy and exuberance. I had been thinking that this was normal, but now I'm worried. I envy your basement project. And I envy that you have a husband who can do a thing or two. Jimmy would simply drywall himself into a corner and sit until I brought him a class of wine, and fixed it for him.

AM said...

I love the daily posts. You've been leaving too much good stuff on the cutting room floor.