Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Matt told me that he was walking through the paint department at Home Depot when something about the young guy working there caught his attention.

Matt said, "Am I crazy or are you also the paint guy at Lowe's?"

The guy looked straight at him and said, "You are not crazy, but I do not work at Lowe's."

Matt said, "Got it."

He told me he walked away berating himself for his lack of smoove moves, to have blurted out the question like that. 'Cause ya see, that guy did work at Lowe's! He did, he did! I would have been all, "Oh OKAY DUDE I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE! BECAUSE HOW WOULD I HAVE EVER SEEN YOU, HAVING NEVER BOUGHT PAINT AT HOME DEPOT, WHICH IS HERE, AT HOME DEPOT! MAY I WINK AT YOU NOW?"

Your secret is safe with me and my blog readers, Paint Department Guy!

(I just love being in the know about something. You?)

Matt and his boys moved down to work in the basement today. The project's not done, but it's habitable for them right now. We got all the walls fixed up and primed at least, and it just looks like they're white. The concrete floor looks good. The bathroom works. It still needs real paint and finish carpentry, but the FIVE of them just decided they couldn't stand another moment in the tiny veal-fattening pen of my guest room.

I forgot to take a picture before they moved in their mismatched, whickety-whack office furniture. But I will when we get the prettier paint up. They have a fridge down there and everything. I'd like to go hang out and drink soda and flush the toilet, but they're all, like, working and stuff.

So today, when they vacated their old room, I was pleased to see how big it really is. It just looked small with five desks in it. Funny, that. All that's left of them is some nerdy books and the dirty spot on the wall where Matt put his feet. First order of business: repaint that room. Second: use the groupon thing I bought for carpet cleaning (that room has carpet, gaargh).

The kids are thrilled to have an empty room to run into. It was the headquarters for an intense nerf gun battle earlier tonight. I totally get their excitement, it just gives you an expansive feeling, having new (old) space. And the downstairs, big time exciting! Something about that expanse of empty, shiny floor. Before the guys moved their desks down there, it would have been the most awesome private roller rink.

It is not late, but I'm going to crash. Smacks,


Jenni said...

Matt exchange w/the paint guy may be one of the funniest things I've ever heard.

Amy said...

Hey, the guy loves paint and he's gonna sell it ALL OVER TOWN. Funny! Matt can't be the first customer to notice that, though, I'd imagine.

Glad the Blue Mammoth team has made the move! It makes me skeevy, thinking of five dudes all crammed in one room. Now their nerdy thoughts and dreams have room to SOAR! ;) lol j/k but not really.

katherine said...

Here's an alternate explanation:
Maybe the guy has an identical twin brother who works at Lowes. But then it seems like he would have explained, so I'm probably wrong. :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, thank god you've gone to sleep. I've been coming here each night, a bit more nervous than the night before about whether or not you've decided to do some sort of redo of the entire house as an all-nighter.


Michele said...

I don't have to imagine what it is like to have five nerds crammed into a small room. I bred nerds. And like congregates to like. Hence the reason that I had nerds scattered around my house. I'd come home from work to find that they had set up a lan network in my family room so they could play games together. It was a mass of cords, junk food wrappers, soda cans, and boys. Awww...the good ole' days.

Kelly said...

I can't wait to see it!

Beth said...

Is there some kind of exclusion clause when you work at Home Depot? Is that why this dude had to be all undercover?