Thursday, August 25, 2011

Flursday Digest

Tonight I lay down in Hank's room while he was going to bed and I fell asleep. Then I woke up feeling hot and pissy. I stumbled downstairs and found that, when Matt went to the store to buy diet soda, he purchased a carton of chocolate ice cream, and that one thing gave me the will to go on in the world. I mostly want to look at cargo pants online, but blogging is better because it will not lead to the purchase of cargo pants. So here are a few items:

1. I took Hank to the little meet-the-teacher event today. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they'd changed all the "John Henry" labels to Hanks. Funny, that's not what I thought they were going to do, but I can chill out, identity/spelling crisis averted! Hank seemed fine with the people and the classroom and all. Later he told Matt about his teachers. Miss L is an older lady and Miss C is younger. He said, and I swear, "So I do like old people, but I like Miss C the best, but it's not mean to say that because I do like Miss L too." Clearly he warmed to the young and pretty teacher more, but he's doesn't want to appear age-ist. He was quite taken with the indoor playground too, and told Matt that it has a slide  that takes an hour to go down.

2. Yesterday I watched Laura's tennis lesson for the first time in a long while. We took a few weeks off in the summer, but she's been taking a weekly small group lesson since April. For a long time, it was clear all the girls were having fun, but they were awkward and funny to watch. Then, yesterday, I went to watch, and darned if they haven't learned tennis! Their strokes look good, they can volley back and forth, and Laura's serve is pretty. I told Normal Neighbor that we should have a Mother-Daughter tournament, except that I might not be good enough to be Laura's partner. It was fun to see that their time and practice has paid off.

Then the coach gave them all popsicles, and there were popsicles for the little brothers who'd helped pick up balls, and there were popsicles for the moms too. Popsicles for everyone. Then all the girls and Hank changed into their swimsuits and jumped into the pool. Watching Laura with her girlfriends, I could see she felt happy and free, and I said to Normal Neighbor, "In my next life I want to come back as one of my kids."

3. Pretty Neighbor and I have been hitting our workout hard. We haven't missed a day this week, bolstered by a study that shows beer is better than water at hydrating you after exercise. A study! It is science, people! And I am spending an alarming amount of time wearing a pair of short spandex shorts. I now think that they are proper attire for many occasions. Hello world, this is me.

4. Normal Neighbor got somewhat ambiguous results from her scan. She is going to talk to a surgeon about having this procedure where they will remove the little spot from her abdominal wall--a spot they can't decide about even after the scan--and give her heated intraperitoneal chemo, right there in surgery. It sounds kind of scary to me. Her oncologist thinks she might be a perfect candidate. She is worried that the recovery will be rough. I'm worried about that too.

5. Matt and I have been watching "That Mitchell and Webb Look" on Netflix streaming. It's a British sketch comedy show, and it has moments of pure brilliance. If you need a short thing to watch to unwind with your beloved, this is a good choice. Watch some clips on the YouTube.

6. Speaking of the YouTube, here is Hank dancing. This vid is too long, but I do recommend the first 30 seconds or so.

I have loved y'all's comments on my post yesterday. I so enjoy what y'all have to say. Smooches.


Amy said...

I'm glad they changed the nametags! It just makes more sense, really.

Remember when we had a family talent show at the mtn house and Hank danced? That was seriously the most awesome kid dance I've ever seen. He just loses himself in the music--it's like performance art. I especially love the bit where he gives himself a wedgie.

You go girl with the working out! I still haven't tried the Shred. But I think I'm gonna try a boxing class next week, and I'm terrified.

Will be praying for NN.

Becky said...

Honey, when you are here, you and I are going to shred it out!

I know, Hank. It's like there truly is some seed of greatness in his performance. I say that in all objectivity. I think it's that he's not afraid to look ridiculous. The wedgie would be a good example. Also the lawn sprinkler/Heil Hitler move.

Anonymous said...

I love Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

Jenni said...

You need to put that kid in some break dancing or hip hop classes. I'm serious about his.

Sorry to hear about NN. I just want her to be better already :(

Meghan said...

Oh my, I never had such free-spirited abandon as a kid! Even when I was little I had too much self-monitoring to just let loose. That Hank is a dancey genius of glory and splendour. Dee-lightful.

KathyS said...

Three thoughts:
*hugs to NN
*I want to dance with Hank
*your house is awful purty

Anonymous said...

This voluntary sensitivity to ageism anecdote makes me cling to those 9 syllables I ascribed to Hank's nature the other day. I don't remember them, but I remember as I wrote them I thought they were ridiculous, even as I was totally serious, but now --having read abt the 2 teachers -- I feel freed from the mantel of ridiculous.

NN's physicians sound to me like dudes who want a chance to play with their new toys. I do not think that statement has the same clarity of vision as the one abt Hank. xx

Veronica said...

Hank is amazing.

Kate said...

He looks like me in my Body Jam class.

Aimee said...

OMG, it will be SO nice to have someone else in the world who will understand when DH or I spouts out, "That's Numberwang!" at odd-to-other-people moments.

Have you seen the Avenging Angel and the BMX Biker yet? (Probably off on their titles, but still.)

Man, I miss That Mitchell & Webb Look...

Still keeping my fingers crossed for NN. Hugs to you and her.

Crystal said...

The sprinkler and hip shakes are the best, so cute!

(I'm sorry, this video made me forget the rest of the post;)

Keely said...

"Flursday". This amuses me.

That boy can dance!

Kelly said...

He's got some serious moves!! Go Hank!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

After reading that teacher dialogue and watching 10 dancing seconds, I can't help but picture Hank with a strong English accent, Dickensian empathy, double-jointed arms and a stunning sense of rhythm.

Amy said...

DJ or live band at the wedding, do you think?

puncturedbicycle said...

Gosh, that post was so rich and dense that I need to digest it for a bit, but first I will say that that video was never too long. Hank is a sort of Lord of the Interpretive Dance.
Have you seen Peep Show? Check it out when you're done with M&W. The Rainbow Rhythms episode is genius.
Sorry for NN, and thinking good thoughts for her.

Elizabeth said...

Hank's got the moves.

gretchen said...

Hank is the funkmaster. BTW, I love your quiet coaching "Come on baby, do your moves."

Now I'm worrying that I may want to buy some cargo pants. Or at least shop for them.