Monday, February 15, 2010

Three Apparel-Related Issues

I submit these for your consideration:

1. I bought some white jeans yesterday. Is that wrong? And when is Easter again? 'Cause around here that's still a rule, the whole white shoes and pants only between Easter and Labor Day thing. Or in my culture it is. It has been a long time since I had a pair of white jeans, but I've lost 13 or 14 pounds so I'm celebrating. Celebrating by wearing something that will make me look bigger on the bottom. Maybe when they get here I'll post a pic. (I did the thing where I went to the Gap and tried on a bunch of jeans, and then went online and ordered the right size and style for cheaper.)

2. A month ago I posted this picture of my sister walking down my driveway in her sock feet.

Amy Leaving

That picture, in my flickr stream, has since been "faved" by two people, strangers, who, judging from their other favorite pictures, have a consuming interest in ladies in their socks. Not even bare feet, but socks and tights. Is THAT wrong? Go ahead, check it out, you can get to their faves through that flickr page if you wanna. I glanced through their faves and they don't have any pictures of kids or anything. Amy, I was going to tell you about it, but I forgot, so I'm telling you now. If you want me to make that photo private, I will, but I see no reason to deprive the world of your DELECTABLE sock toes.

3. Now THIS is wrong. A friend posted a link on my facebook page to Pajama Jeans, Pajamas You Live In, Jeans You Sleep In!

Go to that page and watch the little commercial. My first response was, "This is clothing for the clinically depressed." What do you think? Maybe a guilty pleasure, like the Snuggie?

I just don't know why you would really want to sleep in jeans. And the brass rivets just absolutely slay me.

That's all I got. And I'm submitting this post to Keely's Random Tuesday. Whee! Go over there if you get a notion, 'cause that meme has just gotten huge. Huge like white-jeans-butt huge.


Perpetua said...

Have you seen Huggies Jeans? The point, I think, is so that your baby looks fashionable sans pants.

Me in my pajama jeans, baby in his Huggies jeans...the laziness factor is off the chart. :)

The Messy Mom said...

I bet you are going to look super hot in your white jeans (once the appropriate season comes). As far as the sock photo was there some kind of tag about the socks? Because otherwise you would never know. I guess it's just enough sock to let the imagination run wild. How strange!!!

Jenni said...

You go on with your white jeans you skinny B* (and I mean that with only affection.)

The Crazy Coxes said...

I like the white jean idea. You've lost weight and it's a great way to celebrate.

Sock fetish strangers = weirdos!

No, No, and NO to the pajama jean pants. It's just wrong!

Happy RTT!

Amy said...

What can I say? I have alluring sock feet. You wouldn't BELIEVE how often I'm told that.

White jeans!! Have you become a Kardashian in my absence? Go, girl! Can't wait to see pics.

And Perpetua--that made me laugh. Huggies jeans?? Craziness.

Michele said...

White jeans. You are brave, very very brave. Shall a go fav that picture so it's not quite so creepy?

steenky bee said...

WHITE JEANS? They're back. For women. I once had a blind date and the guy showed up in white 501's and a tight golf shirt. Me made me pay for parking and ended up taking me to a place where he knew his ex would be and left me half way through the date. This has nothing to do with your post, but any time I hear white jeans, I think of that story...

Casey said...

That whole sock fetish is a bit weird and probably made your sister feel creepy. Ha.

yay for losing weight!

Keely said...

Oh, good. Good! Because when you commented that you'd also blogged about your big butt, I was kind of sad, thinking that the Shred was no longer working for you. And though I've totally fallen off the wagon, it makes me happy when that doesn't happen to other people. You're like, my beacon of light or something.

Is that weird?

Becky said...

Keely, I'll be your candle in the window. Hee! Actually, I haven't totally fallen off the shred wagon, but I've really lost weight just counting calories, I think. I shred when I can get my friend to do it with me, but I'm not hardcore like I was. Part of it is I started seriously working to finish my dissertation, and I can only be really hardcore about one thing at a time, it seems.

Becky said...

Steenky, I'm thinking there wasn't a second date. Please say there wasn't a second date!

Jane said...

The weirdest thing is that if there are two guys willing to walk right up to a stranger's Flickr feed and favorite a woman-in-socks photo, there must be hundreds, if not thousands, of guys out there quietly appreciating women in socks, without being quite so vocal about it.

Congrats on the weight! I bet your white jeans look terrific.

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Girl! "It has been a long time since I had a pair of white jeans, but I've lost 13 or 14 pounds so I'm celebrating."

13 or 14+, pre-Memorial Day??

Check me later, alligator. Let me work on quelling my jealousy.

Amy said...

I like the way she tosses off that "13 or 14" ... you know, give or take a pound, no big deal... I say WOAH!!

Cos can I just say that if *I* were finishing up a dissertation there's little question that I'd simultaneously be nibbling on everything that wasn't nailed down. To feed the creative juices and all.

All that, and bloggin too. Shine on, Beacon Becky! We'll be waiting on jean photos... with socks, maybe?

Hootie said...

Am I the only weirdo who looked far enough into that one dude's flickr photoset to see the sock feet masching up bananen? At first I was like, "what, did this dude get sick on his feet and take a picture?" But no, it was only (!) mashed banana. And just at the edge of the frame, if you look closely, you can tell that he was wearing white jeans.

Becky said...

Oh geez, is that guy one of those masher people? Now THEY are weird. I would explain more but seriously, this is not that kind of blog.

Amy, the give or take a pound thing is because I can't remember exactly where I started, and in case it *is* 14 pounds, I want to get full credit! 'Cause like, this goes on my permanent record!

Sara said...

Ya gotta give an update and photo on the white jeans. I've only wistfully glanced at white jeans. Ooh! And the pretty Easter egg colored ones! But still, no buying.

13 or 14 pounds! That's like, a couple bags of sugar! (I always estimate weights in bags of sugar for some reason? or gallons of milk.)

The sock feet? Maybe you should post another sock pic to your flickr just to see what happens. Pleeeeease. Maybe we all should! Really weird scenarios and whatnot.

I thought you were spot on with your clinically depressed comment. I'd say I can't wait to see all the folks wearing them at Walmart, but they're 40 flippin' bucks! Who's going to shell out $40 for blue jean sweatpants? (And darn them for being more than I'm willing to spend on a gag birthday gift for my mom.)

gretchen said...

1. Woohoo for losing 13 or 14 pounds and having your butt look good in white jeans!!
2. Hysterical! Sock fetishists.
3. People actually wear these out of the house? Oh my.