Monday, February 8, 2010

A Cautionary Note

Okay, I have a lot to do this morning, and I'm reposting this from last year because I thought it was cute. Like, it was cute that a year ago I was even trying to get Laura to wear Gymboree. And I wanted to pop in and say hi because, honestly, my sister is giving me unending crap about not having blogged in a few days. Hi Amy! I get the sweetest notes and text messages from her. Here's a sample from Saturday, a text:
Well, i don't know what you're doing, but it certainly isn't blogging or reading my blog. Maybe we should call this r'ship what it really is.
I responded that I have to live life sometimes in order to have something to blog about, and she replied, "What is this living you speak of?" I said that it's what the rest of us do when we're not fighting rats. That was a little mean. Then, last night, an email.
From: Amy
Subject: um

your blog?
And that wasn't the end of it. She got on, this calorie-counting website we are both using, and left a helpful reminder on my profile:
dude. not to get off the subject, but i was wondering if you remember that you have a blog? just checking. in case you forgot.
To which I responded:
I think you bugging me about that on here is crossing the streams. Remember in Ghostbusters? Probably every molecule in our bodies will explode backwards now. So thanks for that.

And I will spare you the facebook interactions, the late night eruptions of uncertainty and haranguing that it enables, and that all our mutual friends can see. I think they are concerned about us. But they need not be. I love it and I know that she is my Number One Fan, even if her access to technology needs to be severely curtailed. So here is a little pre-Valentine's post. Enjoy!

From February 5, 2009:

Laura and I were debating her wardrobe choices for today. I was trying to steer her towards Valentine-themed apparel, because Gymboree, Inc. has put a chip in my brain, and I just respond to their instructions. Laura was was resisting.

Laura: You know why I don't like the color red?

Me: No, why?

Laura: Because it attracts bulls.

So, Reader, as Valentine's Day approaches, be on the lookout.


Michele said...

Wearing red paid off on Saturday when Macy's gave me 20% off on my new Vera Wang placemats and the adorable stilettos I'm wearing right now. Tell Laura that it is the heart health awareness color. That may change her mind, or not.

gretchen said...

See, I enjoy attracting bulls...if you know what I mean.

You and Amy are funny.

Amy said...

I love that post. Laura is hilarious!

In other news, FINALLY! Sheesh. This whole "having a life" thing is overrated, in my opinion. Everyone should be like me: Sit on the table top with the computer all weekend, legs tucked under you to avoid the rodents. There--easy!

Amy said...

P.S. Now Dave and his blog...don't even get me started. You guys have TOTALLY left me hanging.

Becky said...

Dude is under three feet of snow. Go easy on him! His fingers are probably too frostbitten to blog.

Maggie said...

Becky, you and Amy have the best sister relationship in the world!! Y'all are too funny

Bex said...

hahahaha! i think the interactions with your sister were a great blog post in itself!

Elizabeth said...

Frostbit fingers my arse. Blogging is what you're SUPPOSED to do when you're snowed in. In other words, if you need help nagging your brother...

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

Nothing could be finer than a bull in Carolina in the morning . . . if he's keeping his distance, that is.

Seriously, your sister is a riot! As are you.

Marie said...

I have always told your parents that one of their greatest accomplishments is the relationships that you, Amy, and Dave have with each other.

Sara said...

ha! I remember that post and it is definitely worthy of repeating.

'Crossing the streams'-sigh, i heart u guys. You're entertaining as hecks.

Casey said...

Oh damn, I just got both of my kids super cute Valentine's outfits and now you tell me they're going to get run down by bulls?