Monday, February 15, 2010

Snows, Froze Toes, the Running of the Nose, Off the Girl Goes

(Okay, so I thought I'd try my hand at a cutesy post title, but I didn't enjoy that like I hoped. Oh well.)

Hey, lookie at our backyard!


Other Side of the Backyard

This was the scene on Friday afternoon and evening. We got more than three inches. I know, I know this is small potatoes for you survivors of the Great Mid-Atlantic Snowllapalooza(s) of 2010. But as I said, this snowfall is ours. Recognize!

It was fun, and it was pretty. I sat by my big window and looked out at the yard, rendered newly strange by all the whiteness. Matt was the one on kid duty.

Snow Day


Because Atlanta just cannot deal with this kind of precipitation, a bunch of flights were canceled, including Laura's flight to Providence with Matt's mom. That sainted woman takes Laura off on a trip every year, and Laura has been really excited. They did finally get out late Saturday night and will be gone a week. This girl packs herself now, which is awesome, with only a little supervision from me.

Laura All Packed

At one point she was having trouble getting her high-top sneakers crammed into her bag, and I showed her that she was only using half of this carry-on, that there was a whole half of the bag hidden behind a zip-out panel. She saw the extra space and said, "I feel like a princess!" I said, "A princess, really?" She said, "So many pockets!"

Because that's what princesses have: lots of storage and superior organizational systems.


Michele said...

If we got that much snow I'd be sitting inside looking out my big front window too. I'd also have a hot toddy to go with the sittin'.

delaine said...

Do you guys even own a snow shovel?

Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

That's so cute :-D

They grow so fast. Sarah goes to Italy and stays with my parents every summer - but I still pack for her.

Your backyard looks so nice! I bet I'd look at mine the same way if I wasn't so sick of snow. I'm ready for spring, dammit!

gretchen said...

I LOVE that Laura goes on a trip with her grandma every year. What lovely memories she will have!

Stay warm. I'm wearing a tank top. Just saying. Sorry.

Cassie said...

Take note, Walt Disney: Being a princess is not about getting everything you want, it's about having somewhere to PUT everything you want. (Laura is awesome.)

I must find out more about the artwork behind her in that photo... do tell!

Jenni said...

I have to say, I feel Laura on her love of a bag with pockets.

Becky said...

Cassie, that's one of my ubiquitous Marimekko fabric panels, stretched over canvas. I got it at:

I don't think they have that exact pattern anymore, but there are a lot of similar things.

Marimekko, I wish I could quit you.

Jane said...

May I respectfully suggest that your virtues (which are legion) do not include a talent for cutesy post titles. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Glad you all enjoyed the snow. Laura looks so grown up!

A Lawyer Mom's Musings said...

"Because that's what princesses have: lots of storage and superior organizational systems." -- and confidence, youth, beauty, and . . . pockets!

Ah, so you're a merimekko junkie too? I'll have to email you some of my favorites. A staple gun = instant (and cheap!) art at my house. Love that stuff! And their stationery!

Cassie said...

Fabulous... thanks!

remarkablydomestic said...

That is the best princess comment I've ever heard.

Casey said...

How cool that Laura gets to go on that trip with her gram every year! And with all of those pockets!

Gah, snow.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Your snow is beautiful. I am jealous! Here in the Pacific NW, we have been without because, you know, global warming is here.

The froze toes aren't surprising, given the fact that Laura is shoeless in that picture. It's nice that her hightops fit in the secret pocket, but I really hope she wore them to the airport!

There are no pictures of the running of the nose. Oversight or did it run away when you tried to snap a shot?

Sara said...

That is a very respectable snow fall.

Good for Laura on her travels and her princess pockets. She's right, of course: having stuff and a place for, right?

sigh. I was just thinking yesterday that I wish Sam could do some solo travelling. He has major wanderlust. Elisa, his big, big goal is to go to Italy! Maybe one day he'll bump into your daughter!

Becky, I think you should go with a haiku title some time. ;-)