Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My First Tennis Lesson

I feel like that post title should be scrawled in crayon, with some backwards letters. That would be an accurate reflection of my level of tennis prowess. But hey, look at this skirt.

I know, totally j'adorable, right? See those flouncy things on the sides? They don't do anything, they just flounce. It has little bike shorts underneath to keep me modest and all. I got this skirt, in a lavender that's way cuter than this, at TJ Maxx for $7. And then I found out that Maria Sharapova wore this to the French Open already. So like, obviously I can't be seen in it, like I wear her hand-me-downs. Anyway, what were we talking about besides clothes?

Right, my first group tennis lesson was this morning. It was 45 degrees out, so I wore sweats instead of this skirt. The teacher was not a hot dude, but rather a very nice and patient lady. I could tell she's given lots of lessons, because the way she eased us into it really made sense. We started with the absolute basics: how to hold the racquet, how to stand, and then we got into forehand and backhand swings. Then she hit balls to us as we ran across the court, then we lined up on either service line and volleyed back and forth.

Everything was going great, and then I was just standing there in ready position, and then the ball was coming towards me, and I stepped forward and pulled a muscle in my butt. I don't know why. It didn't seem like an especially demanding athletic move. I announced my injury to everyone and I also may have mentioned it to Matt and Pretty Neighbor: "I went to tennis, ya know, yep. It was fun but I have an injury, yep, in my glutes." GLOOTS! Matt is of the opinion that this has been discussed rather more than is strictly warranted by the severity of the injury. No worries though, I did the shred this afternoon and my beeyou-tocks performed just fine.

So it was fun, and as soon as I find a little argyle sweater that matches that skirt, I'll be in business! I kid. Or not, you never know.


Lisa Lilienthal said...

Not that this has anything to do with your post, except for your buttocks part, but here's what was overheard in my backseat a few days ago:

Annabelle (10): Mom, what's botox?

Cooper (8, mild speech delay): Annabelle, don't say buttocks! It's a potty word!!

gretchen said...

I have never, in my entire life, heard of anybody pulling a muscle in their butt. How do you even do it?

Well, good for you anyway. You're my Fttttnsss Idol. Damn, I really need to shred again.

Becky said...

I don't know, Gretchen! I am totally at a loss for how I did it. I am such a jock. But listen, I hadn't shredded since before we all got sick. It had probably been two weeks. Shredding since xmas has been very, very spotty.

Lisa, that is hilarious! I'm going to tell people I have a pain in my botox.

Mad Woman said...

I think this is a prime example of why exercise should be outlawed.

Although, that skirt is gorgeous!

Michele said...

Are you sure that little flippy thing isn't to wipe sweaty palms on? If so, it's the cutest towel ever!

Sara said...

Jealous! Of the skirt *and* the lessons.
But not your butt injury. Eh, it happens.
You most def need an argyle sweater. Not to wear, but to drape the arms around your neck and tie in front of your chest. Gonna be super cute.

Amy said...

Love the skirt! You will look hot in it, because as we know--you got the legs. Yes, I got the boobs but you have those now too, so I clearly got screwed in all this.

But anyway--wow, you shredded with a *sports injury*?? You are way committed.

I would like you to please work the word "gloots" into as many conversations as possible. It makes me happy.

Amy said...

Ok I just realized that I made it sound like you had a boob job, which you didn't. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'll go now.

Casey said...

Aww, your poor tush. I hope you got lots of butt rubs to make it feel better.

Digging the skirt, especially the price.

Michele R said...

I'm going to look for it at TJ Maxx. Not for tennis, just to wear!
Your tennis teacher sounds very nice--you didn't say how many others were there but it is nice to know that there are still beginners out there.
Hope your botox feels better tomorrow. Amy, I think we think alike.

Becky said...

Michele R, I think it was the last one. It was on the clearance rack. BUT, that TJ's has two more 100% cashmere blankets for $69. Check into it sister.

Amy, I think you have the boobs. I just have some bras.

Kelly said...

Does this mean we can start playing together? I bet you could beat up on me in my current state ;)

The Dental Maven said...

Perhaps an inauspicious beginning to your tennis career but that SKIRT IS TO DIE FOR!!!

Jane said...

I would love to see you rocking the argyle sweater. And I think Kelly's totally trying to sucker you in and then cream you. Current state, my eye.

Bex said...

i am so totally jealous. how i would LOVE tennis lessons! my dad is 62 and he still beats the pants off me - even when i wear a tennis skirt!

speaking of tennis skirts - how do we (by we, i mean the general public) that sharnipovilovidia isn't copying off of YOU?

good luck with your gloots.