Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday is for Lovers

Lovers of randomness, that is. Please come in and cop a squat, because there are a few things on my mind.

When I first got caught up on this whole Tiger Woods situation, the most surprising thing about it to me was that he lives in Orlando. No slight to Orlando, it's nice enough I guess, but dude can live anywhere he likes. Anywhere. Like he could probably live at Hogwarts if he wanted to. So, Orlando? Maybe Tiger and fam love visiting the big mouse.

I just did the shred for the first time since Friday. Pardon me while I pop this lung back inside. Skipping one day seems to have no effect, but I noticed a definite loss of cardio stamina after skipping three or four. After shredding through Thanksgiving, I've been letting my cold and sinus headache keep me from working out the last few days. But it's funny, in the middle of a set of plank jacks, I don't notice my face hurting. So there's some more fear leaving my body. One thing that inspired me to hop to it was that Pretty Neighbor has started level 3. Must catch up. And as crap as I feel right at this moment, that workout is still only twenty minutes. And now I'm covered in the perspiration of righteousness.

Yesterday I gave Normal Neighbor's daughter a ride home from the bus stop, because it was raining. Normal Neighbor asked me if I had gotten a call from Frenemy on Saturday. I told her that FN had texted me on Friday, asking if we were back home from the mountains. I had told her that we wouldn't be home until Sunday, and she'd wished us a nice time. Then, she texted me on Saturday, asking me if we were home yet, and I ignored her. Normal Neighbor told me that FN had called her on Saturday, when the Normal family had just returned from a week in Florida, and asked if Mrs. Normal could keep FN's daughter from 5-8 that night so they could go to a wedding reception. Normal told me that they begged off because they were exhausted from their trip. Then we exchanged a shrug and a head shake. I mean, you know well in advance that you're going to a wedding reception, right? Kind of like you know that your anniversary is coming up. So get a babysitter. Yes, I am being a bitch right now, but I think I'm in respiratory distress from my shred.

Looks like Dooce is giving away 5 Xboxes. I wish I could be that awesome, and I wish we didn't already have an Xbox, or I would totally win one of hers, but she's inspired me to do a little giveaway of my own. I won't spill the secret just yet, but the item rhymes with "schmea schmowel." I have some super sweet ones I've been hoarding since Australia. So please get very excited. And stay tuned.

At Laura's ortho appointment today, she was told she didn't have to wear her nighttime headgear anymore. Woohoo! She said it was the best day of her life, but she also says that if I let her make a cake from a box. In January she'll get braces on her top and bottom front teeth. I know that a geometrically, mathematically perfect bite is right around the corner, if we just stretch out our arms farther, and run faster. Oh, and the orthodontist told me that my chin is crooked, and that Laura probably got it from me. Watch it, buster.

And check out more randomization at Keely's place. She is such a doll face to host this business every week.


Beth said...

Remarkably Domestic Husband had to wear neck gear, and they told him to wear it 21 hour a day, and he DID, because he is honest and diligent like that. And when he went in for a checkup, the ortho was so shocked at how much progress he had made and he only had to wear it half the time they had predicted. So there's a little motivation for ya. :-)

Amy said...

I was just wondering about those schmea schmowels the other day and what you were gonna do with them!

Sorry you're still feeling yuck. :(

The Dental Maven said...

Why the hell would the orthodontist say that????

And don't be cuttin' on Orlando, Girl. Have you ever been to Celebration, the Disney city?????

Michele said...

Ahhh the Shred. How I hate thee. Even if it is only 20 minutes a day.

Hope you feel better soon.

delaine said...

Yeah for Laura ! No more headgear ! She has been so diligent about it. She's a good girl. Now about your chin. I think it is just fine! Your sinuses may not be so fine. Might be time for a doctor visit, huh?

Michele Renee said...

I was about an hour away from Tiger's Place when the news hit and so I said to my FL relatives, "Oh, he lives in Orlando"? and they said "Yes, he lives in Windermere" as if that explained it thoroughly.

Oh, and I think the orthodontist has a crooked der wiener schnitzel. (Sorry, I know your family reads your blog and that is not nice to say, but his comment peeved me!).

Keely said...

"shmea shmowels"?? Whatever could it be? I'm so excited!

Becky said...

Ah, Windermere! Well that explains it. I guess Windermere must be a popular name for fancy neighborhoods, 'cause there's one here too.

And Celebrations does seem nice! I've never been there. But you know, it's still not Hogwarts.

First Michele, how's your shred goin'?

gretchen said...

I love that you just used the phrase "cop a squat".

I also LOVE schmea schmowels! Really. I do. I have a kind of "thing' for them. Can't wait for the big giveaway. I'm thinking of doing one in honor of my 100th post, but I'm afraid only about 4 people will sign up for it. Wouldn't that be pathetic?

Shred. Sigh. My vomiting/Aunt Grace/Thanksgiving/sinus infection has slowed me down. I'm going to start over.

Melissa said...

No need to try to keep up with me. I had to go back to level 2...my knees and back are KILLING me! I'm still following in your footsteps, baby!