Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How I Spend One Hundred Percent of My Time: December

Christmas shopping did not even make the list. Hmm. Actually, I tried to get a few gifts online today, but somehow I wound up buying a cashmere sweater for myself. Those Lands End daily deals are dangerous.

What's filling up your pie chart?


Jenni said...

Christmas shopping; carol signing; child chasing.

Jane said...

95% agonizing over query letter prep. 5% query letter prep.

Hootie said...

In Jenni's profile pic, she's signing "reindeer."

Becky said...

Really? Cool!

Michele said...

I love your pie charts.

Me?: working, drinking wine, reading

Ah, I guess I should shop since I have to ship.

Amy said...

Me? Worrying about kids getting over jet lag. Helping kids get over jet lag, and thinking about going to TJ Maxx.

Love the Ugg tucking and retucking regimen you have going on!

Becky said...

Amy, it is exhausting, the tucking and untucking. Please get here soon.

Camp Papa said...

For me, it looks like this:

15% Drinking Coffee
15% Geocaching
5% Reading My Children’s Blogs
15% Shouting at the Television

You may notice that this adds up to only 50% of my time. That is because I am retired and I don’t do much of any damn thing and I don’t start that until noon.

Keely said...

My whole damn pie chart would be that purple color.

Keely said...

Also, I've probably threatened this before, but I am definitely going to steal the pie chart idea.

Becky said...

Camp Papa, I think that is a very civilized regimen, as long as you're shouting at the right TV channels.

Keely, please do steal it. I think it would be a great meme, except people would have to go make the dang chart.

Beth said...

Laundry, laundry, laundry. Also, trying to convince my husband that Christmas is not necessarily ONLY economically inefficient.

Beth said...

BTW, do you ever post your charts on graphjam?? Love that site.

Becky said...

Beth, yes, that's where I make 'em. There are some hilarious things on there. I don't title mine though, so they kinda get lost. I just make them and export them.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Very clever pie chart. I should really make one; it might help me to become more efficient. I've mostly just been shopping. I promised Alexi that this year there would be no wrapping on Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed, so I'd better get busy!

The Dental Maven said...

Hockey, filling teeth, more hockey, more filling teeth, more hockey...

Bren said...

45% Making breakfasts or lunches or snacks or cookies
5% making dinner
.5% working out
9.5% reading about working out, soliciting compliments on my stick-to-it-iveness from my husband, or flexing biceps in mirror
32% Christmas shopping online
10% throwing away beloved toys, making sure to bury them in cereal boxes
There has to be some time unaccounted for, I guess.

Melissa said...

Let's see...shredding, not working, shopping, managing children while husband is away, not working some more and my favorite - drinking beers with Becky!

Veronica said...

Camp Papa, you might appreciate my dad's favorite saying: "I get up in the morning with nothing to do, and by noon I'm already hopelessly behind."

The tucking and the untucking does sound exhausting, Beck.

As for me, now that I've submitted grades for the fall term: 5% thinking about Christmas shopping, 30% trying to get off the couch, 30% peeing once I manage to get myself off the couch and waddle into the bathroom, 10% going to the doctor to be told that I am making no progress toward labor, 25% spreading cream cheese on bagels.

Michele R said...

Becky drinks beers? Is this a new development?
Lately I have been looking for various items in the house that the family misplaces, and yelling about why things need to be in their place to prevent losing items on a daily basis.

Becky said...

V, I think you should think less about shopping in order to have more time for the cream cheese spreading.

Michele R, our post-workout beer has become an institution. The only downside is that, now that I'm counting Weight Watchers points, it's edged out my nightly cosmo.

I've convinced myself that the post-shred light beer is a health food. It replenishes my electrolytes. Please no one tell me different.

Cassie said...

Becky, I love your pie charts!
This week my chart would be somewhat complex:
100%- wishing I was sleeping. But within that,
50%- feeding my children
20%- settling disagreements over whether Spiderman or Thomas the Train is better
10%- thinking about the stuff that needs to get done around here, but not doing any of it
10%- dreaming of a white Christmas
10%- eating cheese

Elisa said...

10% eating fondue
20% browsing, blogging, reading blogs, tweeting
25% telling myself I should start exercising and stop eating anything fatty or sugary
40% taking care of family
5% sleeping